Nitish’s calculative decision aimed for bigger role in Delhi

Shubham Sharma
[ July 28, 2017 ] By breaking alliance with Congress and RJD Nitish Kumar has made ample clear that he is highly ambitious of central role in New Delhi. Mr. Nitish Kumar must be thinking in case BJP yet again put up a good show in 2019 and to remain part of parties already losing ground due to corruption charges against them will create hurdles in fulfilling his dream. Opposition parties may call Nitish opportunist but as there is well known saying that only the bearer knows where the shoe pinches, after allegation of corruption against Tejesvi Yadav , Nitish Kumar was feeling heat and hurting his so far neat and clean image. Moreover to continue alliance with Congress and RJD was not appropriate for him as Congress is leaderless right now and Lalu Parsad Yadav is under the radar of CBI for the scams during his tenure as CM . Moreover, in today’s politics when every single politician wants to be on the safer side why should Nitish Kumar bear the burden of parties whose future is blink? The decision is in favour of welfare of Biharis as coalition government with BJP will result free flow of funds which were otherwise conditional under previous coalition government. On the other hand BJP forming government in Bihar with Nitish is the testimony of Modi wave which has been evident from Mr. Nitish taking such decisions in favour of NDA. The political scenario in Bihar after changing of guard has definitely improve the image of Nitish in Bihar and has proved that he is fighting against corruption in the state .