Mehbooba"s statement shocking and ridiculous

Shubham Sharma
[ July 29, 2017 ] The majority of the population in Jammu and Kashmir is nationalist and committed to uphold the integrity of the country and believes that their interests and aspirations are safe as Indians. Kashmir is facing a serious danger from the spread of Islamic fundamentalism and referred to the "unimaginable disaster" unleashed by these forces in Syria, Iraq and some of the other countries. We need to move beyond discouraging state sponsorship of terrorism and take the next step of building effective inter- state cooperative mechanisms to combat it. The statement of Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister that if regarding Article 35 A of Indian constitution is tinkered with then there will be no one to raise and hold national flag in Kashmir smells some sought of blackmailing on her part as there is no relation between holding National flag in Kashmir and Art. 35 A. Chief Minister must remember that when India says Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, then Kashmir cannot be given much importance at the cost of Jammu and Ladakh region. Let it be clear for each and every one that when it comes to secure the national integration and sovereignty no law can put any hurdle in it same is the case with Article 370 and Article 35 A of the Indian constitution. It is very unfortunate that politics is being played to keep a section of society happy staking the patriotism at stake to gain political mileage for the vote bank. The politicians who make statements in their personal capacity must always keep it in mind that only elected representatives do not make a country. It’s the people of that nation who were having every right to shape their destiny and love for the country they always considers first. Such a statement by the Chief Minister of the state shows that she has more regard for her chair than the national objective. Moreover, BJP which is coalition partner in Jammu and Kashmir must not degrade itself to continue a government in one state by sacrificing its core ideology. BJP must not forget that people voted them in power for that ideology which they are sacrificing every single passing day in Jammu and Kashmir. C.M. Mufti has no right to quote the example of national flag in any form and hurt the nationalist sentiments by insulting national flag, what so ever may be her reasoning or context. The BJP has not only surrendered its agenda and elections slogans but has sacrificed all the principles and national interests to share power in the state. The biggest challenge before the state is to save the Sufi ethos of Kashmir"s culture which are facing an assault from separatism and Islamic fundamentalism in the Valley .We are greatly shocked and surprised by the statement of Mehbooba that by challenging Article 35-A, the nationalist forces in the Valley get weakened and that India will not get a shoulder to carry its national flag in the state.