Loot of taxpayer’s money in Jammu

JMC root cause of mounting public grievances
[ July 31, 2017 ] Jammu residents facing numerous problems due to failure of local administration and politicians to address their issues. Today afternoon there was medium intensity showers in few parts of Jammu city and main road from Jewel Chowk to Canal Head was flooded with more than two feet water. Traffic from Canal Head to Jewel Chowk was diverted to other directions by traffic Police and people were left with no option to walk and curse PWD which is supposed to maintain the road motrable. Few of the pedestrians including senior citizens got injured while wading through deluge and braving several pot holes and open sewerage lines. On papers, Civic Body JMC annually spending more than two crore rupees on desilting of Nallahas and an medium intensity showers exposed tall and hollow claims of JMC and proved JMC is wasting tax payers money without long term plan and remedy which shows JMC Bosses are more interested in personal gains instead of solving genuine public grievances for which they are paid and are answerable to the public. During last three years, ERA executed substandard Sewerage works in Jammu city, the work executed by ERA in Shakti Nagar, before commissioning god flooded and was repaired the other day. Months back durability of the project was questioned and complaint was lodged with Divisional Commissioner and DC Jammu but all in vain. Jammuites may not be knowing that ERA has spent funds worth Rs 580802400 for the work of providing and laying, jointing and testing and Commissioning of sewerage network in Bakshi Nagar, Shakti Nagar, Shiv Nagar, and Janipur area besides an amount of Rs 108317835 was also spent on the same. ERA is also spending an amount of Rs 119184773 for providing and laying, jointing and testing and commissioning of sewerage network in Indira Vihar, Patoli Magotrian, Toph Sherkhanian, Bhawani Nagar, Part Janipur Colony and Mandlik Nagar. An amount of Rs 96308461 for providing and laying, jointing and testing and Commissioning of sewerage network in Ramzanpura, part Janipur Colony, Pamposh Colony and part Paloura areas. PM Narendra Modi seriousness to eradicate corruption from public life is laudable but it is intriguing to note that local BJP which formed Govt with PDP is silent with regard to corruption taking place in PWD and ERA. City roads itself speaks volumes about quality and efficiency of PWD officials as city roads full of pot holes and roads are infected with water logging. Sewerage works executed by ERA yet to be commissioned are being repaired and crores spent by JMC on de-silting of city nallahas and PDD despite spending crores is unable to provide uninterrupted power to jammuites. Now the question here is whether the corrupt officials will be shown door or they will remain there where they are now as in past also great hue and cry by Govt that it is taking requisite steps to eradicate corruption from J&K have fallen flat other than some cosmetic steps. People have started asking whether the corrupt officials also come under the domain of 370 that nothing can be done against this, Govt needs to reply positively for transparency sake.