Govt Dental College lacks basic facilities

golden yug
[ August 02, 2017 ] Department of Prosthodontics and Dental Materials headed by Dr Reecha Gupta is an example of archaic practices continuing in age of superspeciality. Department of Prosthodontics which is functioning from Room No.102 and 103 of C Block of Indira Gandhi Govt Dental College Hospital is having nearly 14 clinical chairs and strange to note that eight out of ten are out of order. Headlight of these chairs are non functional. Spittoon is without water connections making unbearable for patients to sit in and get treated. The condition of clinical chairs raises question over treatment meted out to patients and other question is if the chairs are not essential part of treatment than why worth lacs were spent on these clinical chairs from tax payers money. Not only this strangely as per the complaints of patients and their attendants, there is no water cooler in newly constructed hospital building. HoD of the department and Principal of College owes an explanation why the department in question is not well equipped despite being the only hospital of its kind in Jammu Province. The college’s root canal treatment was allowed in a set-up that did not have simple sterilizing equipment. There are more than fifteen dental chairs and around twenty to thirty doctors, interims work on them. The doctors themselves have to queue up to treat the patients. The plight is so tragic that the doctors are performing procedures in such a way that both doctors and patients were standing and undergoing root canal treatment. In the same hospital in its other departments, patients were complaining they are being treated by BDS students and Doctors, House Surgeons, HoDs are seldom seen operating the patients. Patients were also complaining that on occasions cases are solved adopting hit and trial method. Further it was found post treatment patients are advised to purchase medicines from open market. On questioning doctors, explanation was good quality medicines are not available in the hospital. Further in such cases instead of prescribing the medicines on OPD slips, medicines are prescribed on ordinary piece of paper without his name and signature. Central and state Govts as and when get opportunity make noises medicines in Govt Hospitals and dispensaries are provided free of cost. But the examples one like here are amplest and the number goes on and on. It is right time for the Minister concerned to introspect and get the things in order before patients create fear psychosis that they are being treated by students in Govt hospitals putting their life in danger in garb of treatment as claimed by Govt as free. It is tragic to note that in J&K, people may be complaining of poor healthcare facilities, but the state has the highest number of hospitals in the country, next only to Rajasthan. This is as per the data of the Union Health Ministry. Hundreds of patients from the state seek medical help in other parts of country every year due to poor infrastructure and lack of doctors. There are 20,306 government hospitals in the country. Rajasthan leads with 3,145 hospitals and Jammu and Kashmir stands at the number two with 2,812 hospitals. Going by the statistics, J&K has the higher number of health institutions in rural and urban areas than neighbouring Himachal Pradesh (160), Punjab (240), and Haryana (159). Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state, has only 831 hospitals. Since 2005, when J&K received massive Central funds under the Prime Minister’s Reconstruction Programme, crores of rupees had been spent on the construction of new hospital buildings across the state, but not much was invested in training manpower, rendering buildings idle and useless. For decades, narrow political aims have led to construction of hospitals in an unplanned manner. How will these be run was never given a thought. The only functional health institutions are big hospitals in the capital cities of Jammu and Srinagar and they act as sponges to the influx of patients.