Venkaiah new Vice-President of India

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[ August 05, 2017 ] Jammu, Aug 05: NDA nominee M Venkaiah Nadu today won the 15th Vice President of India election by securing 516 votes. His rival UPA united candidate Gopalkrishan Gandhi polled 244 votes. There was direct contest between BJP led NDA party candidate M. Venkaiah Nadu and all united Opposition Congress led UPA parties’ candidate Gopalkrishan Gandhi. Members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha cast votes in favor of their party candidates. Polling started in morning in the Parliament House and lasted till evening and result was declare late evening on the same day. According to political analysts NDA allies candidate VenKaiah Nadu was predicted to win the Vice-presidential election much earlier with sufficient margins of votes while as his rival candidate Gopalkrishan Gandhi was estimated to trail. Out of the total number of 777 Member Parliaments 771 members polled their votes. For victory of candidate total votes were required 389 votes. NDA candidate’s victory proved a cakewalk for him as he polled 516 votes much beyond the requisite number of 389 votes. The Vice president’s role in India is to perform Chairman Rajya Sabha job. Last tenure of Vice President of India that just ended, Congress nominee Abid Ansari acclaimed this prestigious chair. Previously in BJP’s time, when Attal Behari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister and Lal Krishan Adwani was the Deputy Prime Minister then BJP man Bhairo Singh Shekhawat was the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. The Vice-president of India has to play his significant role in our country. He should be well respected and disciplined dignitary. Our both the candidates contesting for the Vice-presidential election are equally respected and disciplined personalities. M. Venkaiah Nedu has the background of being the son of an Indian former and senior cabinet minister in NDA government. Gopalkrishan Gandhi is grandson of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. He also held many prestigious positions previously in previous governments and is compassionately accepted leader and candidate of Opposition. Contesting of the elections is the beauty of the democracy and India has the proud of it. Our all governments in India are framed with the consensus of the people by holding of the elections. Unfortunately, our neighboring country Pakistan does not have the democracy. In the seven decades of the Independence there have either been the rules of the Army Generals or of the ‘Aya Ram-Gaya Ram’ prime ministers. Pakistan government’s policy is only to nurture and export terrorists. People of Pakistan want peace and development tracking on the path of the democratic nations like that of India. Pakistan must shun the path of violence and bloodshed and start tracking on the road to the peace and developments. It should also start cherishing human values that it is not doing so far and let also to prevail, the democracy there.