golden yug
[ August 05, 2017 ] Notwithstanding the charge to younger and dynamic Minister by Chief Minister, nothing substantial is happening in information department Jammu as most of the past practices lacking transparency in their operation have not gone anywhere and still going on. The fundamental issues confronting Jammu based newspapers is huge discrimination with regard to advertisements being issued by Information department and to remain in good books of Joint Director Office Jammu several wrongs are being encouraged by staff allowing them to go further to next level without any norms. Now Information Department since it starts sending attendance report through e-mails to all the editors of newspapers, several loopholes have been brought before the kind consideration of Joint Director as the same helping some of the editors to manage their monthly attendance after publishing the newspapers on the choicest dates and then at the end of month somehow manages requisite publications. For example the format of attendance report has been made as such to accommodate latecomers and also to ensure advertisements at par with regular newspapers by allowing them to submit their newspapers on any working day of the month. Looking at the format, the column for attendance of day is put blank if there is no publication of newspaper on that day. This has been done deliberately to help blue eyed persons by helping them to complete their attendance at the end of month. As it has been seen where there were blanks in the attendance report, the monthly attendance of some of the newspapers was found up-to-date at the end of month and were shown eligible for govt advertisements when it is well established that such newspapers even don’t qualify to exist as newspapers what to talk about getting govt advertisements. Besides in attendance report, department is not mentioning the missing issue number of the newspapers thereby providing an opportunity to those editors to make up their deficiencies in attendance. It is unfortunate to note that the department has not shown any concern so far when there was rule under press and registration of books act 1867 which says it is mandatory for all editors to deposit their publications with in 48 hours. Moreover the attendance report is sent after four to five days to provide opportunity to all that attendance does not qualify for Govt advertisements. If department is really concerned, there should be attendance report on daily basis to ensure transparency and also to discourage all those who consider publishing newspaper mere business having no concern for the issues of general public which is and which should be sole objective of every editor publishing newspaper in any part of country. The another aspect to our point is why the department while sending attendance report on 4-8-2017 send attendance from 27 July to July 31st besides when the month is over why there is no clarity with regard to total publications in the month which is beyond any doubt aimed to help the newspapers having poorest attendance report.Why in age of technology, the information department is not interested in transparency and what interest they have to safeguard the interests of few black sheep in the name of journalism when online system is applicable in all the departments. The information department on one hand patted its back with the release of govt advertisements online then what stops them to go for online attendance report/regularity of newspapers. Moreover when approached Joint Director Information Jammu and Dy Director (PR) they come out with bizarre explanation that the poor attendance was due to technical fault in printing press or due to power failure in office where as the reality is other newspapers being published from the same printing press were available next day. Moreover despite the fact that some of the newspapers which did not hit stand for month together were infect the first to get govt advertisement which is heart breaking for the professional journalists and also for professional newspapers. The explanation on part of Joint Director/Dy Directors was evident shielding such newspapers as instead of assuring the action against such newspapers such a statement in their favor speaks volume that all is not well in Information department Jammu and the need of hour is to restore faith among such newspapers whose faith has been badly shattered with such shielding attitude regarding wrongdoers by the department.