SOP announced for setting time-lines for preparation of Governor"s Address every year

golden yug
[ August 09, 2017 ] Govt has ordered Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to be followed during the preparation of Governor"s Address every year.Every Administrative Department shall submit the material/ information for preparing the Governor"s Address by or before the first week of December every year, or a full month prior to the scheduled date in case the Legislature"s Session is fixed before or much after January, with the following information:-Major achievements registered in the respective sectors/ departments during the previous one year.Important schemes/ programmes/ projects/ policies under implementation during the current financial year alongwith targets for the current year and achievements registered ending December. Since the budget numbers would be ready by December, each department shall incorporate the latest expenditure figures in the information to be furnished. Details of broad outcomes and new project(s) or innovation(s) shall also be provided.Highlights of the schemes/development/programmes/ projects and any other initiative being planned for the next financial year and the Five Year Plan.Major innovations in terms of programmatic innovation and mode of implementation.Best practices.Each department shall nominate Nodal Officers for preparation of the required material/information and for its timely submission to the General Administration Department.The General Administration Department shall explore the need to undertake internal outsourcing. For this purpose, a suitable and well-versed officer would be nominated to prepare the zero draft of Governor"s Address even before inputs are received from all the Administrative Departments. The General Administration Department shall, in the second week of November, each year, or one and a half-months prior to the Budget Session, write to all the Administrative Departments seeking inputs.Time-line for receiving the information: By or before 7th Decemberor 23 days in advance.On the basis of inputs received from all the Administrative Departments, the General Administration Department shall consolidate the information and prepare the draft address which shall be thoroughly discussed in the Committee of Secretaries (CoS) Meeting in the second week of December.Time-line: By or before 14th December or 16 days in advance.The address, finalized after deliberations in the CoS Meeting, shall be placed before the State Cabinet on 15th December or 15 days in advance.Time-line: By or before 15th December or 15 days in advance.The address, duly approved by the State Cabinet, shall immediately be submitted to Governor"s Secretariat for seeking the Hon"ble Governor"s assent.Time-line: By or before 17th December or 13 days in advance.As and when the address is received from Governor"s Secretariat with his assent, the exercise of its translation into Urdu and its printing will commence immediately. The final print, in English and Urdu as well as the A-4 sized copies for the Hon"ble Governor, shall be ready two days before the commencement of the Budget Session of the State Legislature. All the necessary steps shall be taken to ensure that the final draft of the address is complete, in all respects, much before the scheduled date of the Session, Meeting the fixed time-lines will also help to exercise some flexibility in case of last-minute modifications in the address.