JMC paying no attention in installation of LED bulbs

R.S Jamwal
[ August 09, 2017 ] Civic Body of the City of Temples, JMC on one hand is unable to provide functional street lights to residents of Jammu and there are street lights installed by JMC which are non functional since April this year and there is no way to communicate with JMC to make city street lights/poles functional. Street lights in the city bear no number on it creating problems in verifying which street light has become non-functional and which is functional. Amazing to note, JMC has no layout plan and procedure formed with regard to installation of street lights in the areas falling under its jurisdiction. Its world acknowledged fact and our PM time and again advising one and all to install LED bulbs which are highly energy efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in the state. Residential LEDs -- especially energy star rated products use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting. Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi described the LED bulb as “Prakash Path” – “way to light". It is intriguing to note why state Govt of J&K and Jammu JMC is not interested in installation of LED bulbs in Govt Departments and streets, state and national highways. It is a well known fact Jammu Province is facing power crisis since decades and local leaders with vested interests are unable to appreciate projects launched by PM Modi and on the other hand it seems is more interested in promoting business of those business houses who have large stocks of CFL and mercury bulbs which are discarded all over India as they consume more than 60% electricity than LED bulbs. During 2014-15 to till day 2017, JMC installed 2931 street lights in Jammu West constituency, In 2014-15, 395 and next year 846 and thereafter 1482 and during current financial year up to June 2017 . On a survey it was found six out of ten street lights are defunct installed by JMC and there are areas where no street light and bulbs provided. In a reply to an RTI Application vide No. MCJ/XEN/E/Div/1479-80 dated 2-8-2017 , Surjeet Singh Executive Engineer (E), Jammu Municipal Corporation replied that no LED bulbs has been purchased and installed till date by JMC.