City passengers shed in dilapidated condition

RS Jamwal
[ August 10, 2017 ] Jammu: Elected leaders of Jammuites have no time to work for the development of city of temples as well as to provide basic amenities to the people who trusted the words of PM Modi that their party is a party with a difference and will ensure good governance trusting Modi people casted votes in favour of those who are first time MLAs of Jammu and also representing J&K Govt as its Ministers. Ministers and MLAs due to lack of administrative experience is cause of no development in Jammu and thus local administration is also not serious to provide basic amenities to Jammuites and its worth mentioning till day the city is without worth bus shelters and few constructed years back are in dilapidated condition and example of the same is bus shelter at Jewel Chowk road leading towards canal and outside exhibition ground. And few recently constructed are of no use for those who needs the same and in this case its worth mentioning bus shelters on rail head complex road opposite Power Grid are of no use because as on that road , there is no public transport plying. Hence Jammu administration owes an explanation why ibid stated bus shelters were constructed if they are not promoting the business of a private house which own them and have advertisements displayed. The bus shelters constructed recently by a private agency are contrary to standard norms and designs being adopted in other parts of country. Due to pathetic condition of passengers sheds in Jammu, they are being used as stables and passengers avoid them to sit there because garbage is spread all over vendors and rehriwallas too have encroached them and example of the same is passenger shed at Bakshi Nagar opposite PNB. Pertinent to mention here that matadors plying in the city don’t actually stop on these points and thus public is forced to risk their lives to board matadors in the middle of road and also keep them away from sheds. Passengers have a grievance that SSP Traffic should ensure public transport pick and drop passengers from designated points only to avoid any untoward incidents on roads.