DIPR must ensure publishing of Govt Advt in language of Newspapers

gy correspondent Jammu mar 15
[ March 15, 2017 ] Advertisements are published in newspapers aiming to reach the concerned population in the language which they understand and not the language which the concerned department feels appropriate at the time of releasing advts in public domain. However in J&K, advts which are being released by Information Department obtained from different departments of Govt are not fulfilling the objective as vernacular languages Dogri, Punjabi, Urdu, Ladakhi, Kashmiri which is being spoken by large number of population don’t have much access to the newspapers being published in these languages as they are very less in number as compared to English newspapers. Therefore the objective becomes a mere formality when the advts meant for a particular section doesn’t reach to them in the language which they follow easily as most of the advts are published in English language despite the fact that paper is published in other regional languages. The Information department on the pattern of DAVP should made it mandatory that if an advertisement is in English language it should be published in English papers only and vice versa so that real objective of advts can be achieved and proper utilization of tax payers money is ensured. It should be moral responsibility of newspaper to ensure advts in the language which is the language of paper which means that a Hindi paper should not publish advts in English language and in turn English paper should not publish advts in Hindi and if it is an urgent advts then the advts both classified and display in nature should be translated into the language of newspapers.