Indian listening Modi, how long only time will tell?

shubham sharma
[ August 17, 2017 ] It seems the oldest party of country the Congress have not recovered from the setbacks of scams in the history of independent India, as they are willingly providing edge to BJP with their leaderless politicians since 2014, when they lost the elections due to the wrong doings of their leaders. After elected to power in 2014 BJP have gained a lot on all fronts and the words of the Prime Minister Narinder Modi are being listen by one and all and people see hope that under his leadership country will emerge as a super power and voters of the country residing in far flung areas like North East too have elected BJP nominees. Biggest democracy of the world India is presently ruled by the party which came in to power in the last decade of 20th century on the slogan will construct Sri Ram temple if elected to govern and remained then in power up to 2004 forgetting its promise of constructing Sri Ram temple. Congress won the general election of 2004 and nearly after 15 years again formed the central government headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh a well-known economist who remained Prime Minister of the country till 2014. During this period biggest scams surfaced having involvement of Congress ministers its leaders and then the principal opposition party of the country Bharatiya Janta Party which was painted as a saffron party. In the general elections of 2014 Lok Sabha, BJP contested under the leadership of Narinder Modi who gave the slogan if voted to rule will work for development of all irrespective of their caste, religion and also promised good governance and will spare no one involved in corruption. BJP won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections with two third simple majorities and formed the government with its allies presently under the Prime Minister of Narinder Modi. Party is on the driving seat occupying for the first time all the constitutional posts where its nominees either got elected or where selected by present regime.