JMC’s double standards out in open precarious

golden yug
[ August 17, 2017 ] Claiming violations in notices to violator & allowing construction smells foul play Great cry little wool is what fits working of JMC, talks of Jammu Smart city, clean Jammu and Green Jammu but instead of taking initiatives deliberately making mess of everything by patronizing constructions in violations of Jammu City Master Plan 2032 by allowing conversion of residential plots into commercial ones in lieu of heavy kickbacks.Notwithstanding the fact that there were hundreds of violations under Jammu City Master Plan 2021, JMC deliberately made mockery of this by allowing changing’s as per the convenience of violators and even in several cases residential site plans were converted into commercial openly violating all norms in lieu of huge kickbacks. Now Govt has come out with new Jammu City Master plan 2032 came into force vide SRO No. 90 dated 3-3-2017 but the question remains will this make any difference in the hearts and minds of all those who have a responsibility on their shoulders to ensure that every construction in and around Jammu city be in line with Jammu city Master Plan. From the past experience, the answer is no especially when hundreds of buildings have been constructed against the previous master plan 2021. One such examples is first a shop having an area of 12x15 ft was constructed on residential plot 285/7 Govt Residential Colony, Channi Himmat against the city master plan as the total area of plot was 30x55 Ft corner plot facing main roadside measuring 60 ft where the permission was only for residence but JMC allowed him by not taking action against the violator namely Narinder Singh S/o Thakur Goverdhan Singh R/O Gandhi Nagar Jammu. Despite violations in open that is constructing shop and running business under name and style Kitchen Trendz dealing with PVC Paneling Wallpapers, wooden flooring etc on residential plot, on main road side having measurement 30x55 ft. JMC forgetting its duty did not issue any notice at this stage to stop the illegal work of shop which results in morale booster of violator and ultimately he went ahead with the construction of huge commercial structure at present. Had the JMC taken action against the violator at the initial stage, there would have been no commercial building like one which is existing now. It has been observed that JMC in most of the cases ignores initial action and provides ample time to violator to go ahead with the violative structure. Not only this when the matter reaches tribunal after serving COBO notice, JMC hide facts there and has never contested any case on merits providing opportunity to violators to get away with violations by paying a small amount and which also been their motive. The owner of the plot very cleverly with the help of JMC initially constructed a shop without approving the site plan thus depriving JMC of the developmental charges and not only this he even dared to raise fully commercial structure on a residential plot where he made beginning by constructing a shop. When people discovered the unhealthy development, organized strong protest the violator and the JMC besides approaching it with the complaints to stop the illegal construction but nothing was done against it. Following which a RTI was filed on 27-7-2017 to find out how the owner was permitted to construct commercial building on residential plot so that guilty could be identified and punished. Strangely Khilafwarzi Inspector hand in gloves with violator instead of taking action against the violator, infect ensured with his personal presence the slap work on the commercial building on 30-7-2017 on Sunday when he was on holiday. The violator did not stop here and even violated all the norms of commercial structure what to talk of residential plot. As per the norms laid down by JMC viz setbacks aimed to ensure that Master Plan doesn’t get violated and also the others besides no space was left for cut outs in the slap which was mandatory for small plots having measurement like 30x55 ft. Moreover the violator also raised stairs from the front side facing main road which was also approach side towards the commercial structure which is not allowed as per the Master Plan. In addition to this, the violator also kept windows towards the side facing main road in residential colony and also illegally raised the gallery by three ft towards the front road side which is not permissible under city master plan. JMC actually has crossed all the limits of fraud and mass bungling which is also evident in the present case. JMC in reply to an RTI application in the present case replied that violator was served two notices to violator Narinder Singh S/o Goverdhan Singh at Plot No. 283 sector 7, Channi Himmat Jammu first on 1-8-2017 vide No.JMC/CEO15/1/2017 under provision of Section 7(1) of J&K Control of Building Operation Act, 1988 with a remark that the violator has commenced the unauthorized construction at plot No. 283, Sector-7, Channi Himmat Jammu besides the violator started the RCC pillars on ground floor without the permission of JMC, he did not observed the required setback area, the JMC also admitted that the construction seriously affects the planned development of Jammu city and contravenes the Zoning regulation and accordingly the violator was served show cause notice within a period of 48 hours as to why the Khilafwarzi/violation as detailed above should not be demolished. Similarly an another notice was served by JMC to violator on 1-8-2017 vide No.JMC/CEO/15/2/2017 under provision of Section 12(1) of J&K Control of Building Operation Act,1988 with the same remarks as in the first notice. These two notices proved mere eyewash to befool the public that JMC is taking action against the violator as the violative building has been constructed with the help of JMC. However the violator Narinder Singh was served notice for violations on plot No.283, Sector 7, Channi Himmat Jammu where as violator has written on his shop the plot No. 285/7 and the record of Housing Board also justifies that plot No. 283 belongs to Jagjivan Lal S/o Dina Nath R/o 5-Mohalla, Purani Mandi Jammu where a residential house is in place and the owner is at present residing in that house to whom the two notices were served. There is an all out mystery surrounding the plot No 283/7 and 285/7 which was claimed by violator. In the light of above facts, the present case deserves Vigilance enquiry to ascertain the facts as such a fraud of this nature will discourage all those who dare against all odds to raise their voice against the violations. The enquiry will also prove whether the notices served by JMC to violator claiming violations were right and if not then how JMC allowed the construction of commercial structure on residential plot where a business is being run on a shop and where shattering is about to be removed in a day or two.