CAPD department lacks transparency, strong grievance redressal mechanism

golden yug
[ August 17, 2017 ] There are hundreds of examples to conclude that CAPD Department has miserably failed to address loopholes in the system and despite tall claims of department that it is heading towards transparency and accountability infect moving one step ahead and two steps back. Since time immemorial, it has been alleged that the genuine persons don’t have access to govt rations and well off people have managed it with the help of officials of department. It is unfortunate to note that genuine deserving people are deprived of govt ration and there is no one to seek justice for them as there is very active nexus between the ration dealers and influential people who are making mockery of system. To quote among hundreds of such examples, at village Sarora in Marh Block, Panchayat Akalpur Sarora, it has come to fore that under schemes like BPL, PHH,NPHH and AAY, the benefits have not reached to deserving persons as residents of the village who are well off namely Mulakh Raj Saini and Nagar Singh real brothers are having PHH Ration Card despite the fact that they are landlord. having land more than 70 canals of land besides his three sons doing govt jobs and happened to be brothers of Ration dealer who himself is a Ex Sarpanch. Sardari Lal is a ex-service man from BSF and his three sons are doing govt jobs. Hans Raj is a landlord in the area and has five sons and two grandsons all are doing govt jobs. Likewise Subha Ram, Sabha Ram, Ashok Kumar, Shinda and Buty Ram are the few who are having PHH Ration cards which they don’t deserve. On the other hand residents of the area falling under the category of PHH Ration cards namely Pawan Singh, Karan Singh, Yashpal, Rakesh Kumar, Rajinder Kumar, Rattan Lal, Janak Raj, Vishal and others among others duly reserves the PHH Ration Cards but have been denied the same. Now the question arises how it can be allowed to happen as the department is duty bound to ensure the supply of govt ration to deserving ones. This only proves that all this is being done under the patronage of higher ups in department as despite frequent complaints against the dealer, nothing has been done against him. The dealer namely Saudhagar Singh who is ex Sarpanch who had the responsibility of governing whole panchayat is indulged in such practices shows that there is no check on part of department to see whether genuine persons are getting govt rations in accordance with the Ration Cards provided to them in accordance with financial and economical positions. Concerned Tehsildar and TSO owes an explanation who though visit areas to review smooth supply of Govt Ration actually spends most of the time at Ex Sarpanch’s home or some other prominent persons and deliberately turned blind eye to such violations as they are party to such violations and getting benefitted by such practices.. In the light of facts, there is an urgent need to investigate the matter so that guilty could be punished and deserving and genuine ration card holders may get ration timely and properly which is also their fundamental right also.Concerned Minister and Dy Commissioner Jammu must seek an explanation from the dealer and also from Tehsildar and TSO as they are the ones are to take policies and programmes of department to gross root level besides making aware the credulous population of various schemes infect bringing the bad name to department in general and coalition Govt in particular.