Do we really deserve to celebrate a day of independence?

golden yug
[ August 18, 2017 ] This Independence Day I would like to ask my readers and fellow citizens of India that every year we celebrate our freedom but are we really eligible to enjoy this freedom of ours, or in other words do we actually deserve what we are getting for free? My father always said to me – deserve then desire, but in a nation of billion populations do we really care about anything like this? At the time of independence our whole nation was united to make Britishers leave our country, and today this country of ours is united to tear itself apart, people from one state fighting each other, people from a state fighting with people of other state, citizens are ready to break their states into pieces. Values have become a thing of the past or I should say ancient India, today’s young generation has the main idea of “kya farak padta hai“(how does it concern me) or “hum kya kar sakte hai” (what can we do about it) , it’s really a painful sight to see people still thinking about their personal life while the society around them is getting destroyed. Instead of blaming the government for a situation, contribute with a positive change in yourself and promote others to do the same, not for yourself but this time for the nation. And that would be the time we might be able to enjoy our independence day – a day of freedom well deserved. Recently we had completed 70 years of independence; it makes each one of us proud to be a citizen of a democratic country like India. India is the largest democracy in the world. We did get freedom on 15 August 1947 from the British Rule but now we have to get freedom from a whole lot of social evils and problems that have their stronghold in India. What I feel is that we will become independent when we are free from corruption which has to be wiped off from the grass root level. In whichever sector we go, starting from the clerk level to the higher officials, everyone is corrupt. They openly demand money in order to get work done. The next evil in my view which is important is the female foeticide. Even in the 21st century people take a girl child to be a burden and force the pregnant lady to get abortion done after undergoing a sex determination check. The crime rate has increased in the cities which is also a threat to the nation. The people of India are rejoicing and celebrating in full spirit the country"s proudest day. But it cannot be overlooked that there are still many areas where our country needs improvement. No doubt, there is no alien power ruling us, but it cannot be ignored India is still struggling for freedom from multitude of social problems. India is a home to world"s largest number of child labourers in the world. Studies have proved that improvement in educational system has proved to be an effective measure in curbing this problem. Sadly, if we look around we can easily find children being employed as helping hands for domestic and commercial purposes. Citizens are also facing problems like lack of water, proper electricity and damaged roads still after the independence of 70 years. Inspire of taking steps to improve the above conditions successive governments had done nothing but only spent crores on the advertisements on the Independence Day.