Attachments of Govt employees cancelled

golden yug
[ August 18, 2017 ] In terms of Government Order No. 975-GAD of 2008 dated 17.07.2008, read with Circular No. 41-GAD of 2008 dated 23.10.2008, Ocular No. 32-GAD of 2016 dated 25.07.2016, and Government Order No. 1203-GAD of 2016 dated 27.10.2016, it has clearly been impressed upon all the Administrative Secretaries and Heads of Departments to detach all the attached employees and send them back to their respective departments/organizations. It has been noticed that no action has been taken even after these instructions were reiterated vide Circular No. 23-GAD of 2017 dated 27.04.2017.Accordingly, the undersigned is directed to request all the Administrative Secretaries to furnish present status/action taken report with regard to detachment of employees By or before 18 August, 2017.