Citizen Cooperative Bank Ltd Directors election hoardings violating JMC’s Advertisement Policy 2010

RS Jamwal
[ August 18, 2017 ] Elections in India have always been high profile adventure and this is the time when both candidates and their supporters having little care for established rules and regulations as the top priority remains to win by hook or crook. Adopting unfair means to project themselves has been the weak link in connecting with people. Though code of conduct is enforced few days before any election, even then violations have always been reported throughout the country. From the last few days the election campaign for the new body of Citizens Co-operative Bank Ltd Jammu is in flow and as mentioned above with the promise of revolutionary changes in Banking Sector , large sized hoardings can be seen in every nook and corner of city without least caring about the place of hoarding whether allowed or not as per the rules and regulations framed by JMC already. It is against the fundamentals of contesting elections to display hoardings near religious places as most of the people visit these religious places frequently and daily and putting up hoardings in such places is not only against the spirit of democracy but also against the moral ethics of candidates whosoever fighting the elections. Amazingly few of the prominent persons of the city contesting the election and assuring their sincere efforts to bring requisite innovations to take bank’s performance to new heights, claiming to have new ideas and asking to cast votes for big reforms actually in the process are doing it illegally by displaying their election promises through hoardings at places where there is no permission by JMC to display such hoardings. Now the question is if the contesting candidates are doing it wilfully or unaware of this, in both the cases, it becomes the moral responsibility of both JMC and contesting candidates not to undertake any activity impermissible under advertisement policy 2010 in the enthusiasm of promoting their candidature. While moving towards city, on right side of Tawi bank, a big hoarding erected in the premises of Shani Dev Temple having names of contesting candidates namely Parveen Kumar Sharma, Sumant Singh Jamwal, Ravi Kant and Virender Singh Jamwal besides others is setting a wrong precedent, the hoarding in question is illegal/unauthorized because civic body of the city have not allowed anybody to erect and display advertisements/hoardings from the premises of Shani Dev Temple. Interestingly other set of people contesting the same election too have adopted the unfair means for promoting their candidature by showing thumb to JMC advertisement policy 2010. Unauthorized hoarding of Dinesh Gupta and others displayed adjacent to Transit camp opposite PHQ gate. Now the ball is in the court of election Authority/ Dy Commissioner, election officer, observer and others appointed by Govt of J&K to act and decide the case on the base of facts reported and cancel the election of all candidates displayed in the illegal hoardings and also initiate criminal proceedings against the advertising agency for defacing the city and adopting unfair means for promotion of their business. It’s worth mentioning here JMC has completely failed in ensuring the advertisement on the allotted locations in city and as per the allotted locations the advertisements in question nowhere exist in that list.JMC advertisement policy 2010 states, “NO Person shall erect, exhibit, fix or retain or over any land, buildings, walls, hoarding, frames, post, kiosk/bill board (to be displayed on electric poll) or structures or upon on any vehicles ,Any advertisement or display any advertisement to public view in any manner what so ever in any place within jurisdiction of the JMC without written permission of its Commissioner. As per the contract sighed between contractor and JMC, the contractor has been given area from Ward 1 to Ward 48 allowing him 88 locations across in these wards and these two hoardings nowhere exist in that list.