Terms and conditions never observed in transferring plots

golden yug
[ August 19, 2017 ] Allowed rich and influential’s to run real estate business on residential plots Notwithstanding the fact that J&K Housing Board was constituted to fulfill the dream of those having own house for shelter less, fulfilling all the codal formalities but it is unfortunate to note that the housing colony, Channi Himmat by JKHB have turned into hub of benami properties and negating the very purpose of house for marginalized. It has come to fore that JKHB by allotting plots ignored its terms and conditions which were put never implemented in letter and spirit and following which till today several plots are registered on the name of same person due to no check and monitoring by authorities concerned. It deserves mentioning here that since its inception in 1981-82, while framing terms and conditions for residential plots, the main parameter was the income and accordingly three categories were set based on the income of applicants. Initially the limit based on income for desired applicants having income from Rs 2001-3000 monthly were eligible to have plots measuring 50x100 ft, for income slab between Rs 1501-2000 were mandated plots measuring 40x80 ft and finally third income slab between Rs 601-1500 could have plots measuring 30x55 ft and below Rs 600 monthly income could have 25x45 ft. In addition to these applicants were asked to produce state subjrcts that he was permanent residents of state and also by producing testimony certificate that he is residing in Jammu for the last 7 years with proper entries of same period on ration cards. It was also mandatory that only one person in the family can only apply for one plot. The irony of the fact is that above mentioned terms and conditions were sacrificed resulting undue favour and profit to rich and influential persons and depriving genuine persons of their dreams of having own homes and virtually turning it into a high profile real estate business. The apathy of Housing Board is evident from the fact that one Sanjeev Jain and Kunal Jain have constructed residential house on two plots and running business of building materials on third plot by clubbing three plots namely 324, 325, 326 in sector 4, Channi Himmat Residential colony having measurement of 30x55 ft each plot. Similarly Ambika Super Market is being run on combining three plots each having measurement of 30x55 ft in sector 4, Channi Himmat Residential Colony namely 275, 276, 277 plots. Likewise Lakshmi Traders running business of hardware’s by combining three plots namely 208/2, 209/2 210/2 each having measurement of 40x80 ft each. On 151 and 152 residential plots, a hotel is being run and surprisingly both plots were made freehold in sector 2. It has also been observed that in most of the cases fake income certificates were submitted to grab residential plots thereafter to be used for business purposes. Similarly same was done on plot 170/2 and after High Court’s direction, JKHB under compulsion issued show cause notice under section 2(ii) of lease deed. In addition to this there are hundreds of such examples where residential plots were combined and are being used to run business thereby killing the spirit of objectives of Housing Board and sole purpose was to ensure a personal residence to low income group. The purpose of occupying plots by influential’s and brokers was never to construct a residential house but to occupy it for business purpose and thereafter by selling the plot on high rates to derive profit is evident from the fact that out of total of 410 plots in Sector 1, Channi Himmat area, 129 plots were transferred, in sector 2, 97 out of 321 plots were transferred, in sector 3, 158 out of total 650 plots were transferred and in sector 4, out of total 668 plots, 173 plots were transferred. In the light of above facts and figures, one thing is very clear that J&K Housing Board has miserably failed to ensure implementation of its own set of rules and regulations and infect provided an opportunity to rich and powerful persons to run business of real estate on residential plots by dashing the hopes of hundreds of needy and deserving persons who had all the relevant documents and deserves the first to be provided the plots for residential purposes. There is well known proverb, it is never too late to mend, therefore it becomes moral responsibility of Board to ascertain the facts and conduct an enquiry how such a mess occurred and so the guilty can be punished, This is also important as if it continues, then highly ambitious scheme of PM Modi Housing for all might face the same fate and if it is done, it will be betrayal with the sentiments and aspirations of deserving poor people whose only goal has always been their own home in life. But it’s painful to say that it is shameful that rich people are being allowed to run business everywhere be it highly concerned with the livelihood of poor people, such a practice needs to be halted at once as it will result in eliminating only poor’s but not the poverty.