Complaints of ERA’s substandard sewerage works gathering dust, authorities unmoved

R.s Jamwal
[ August 19, 2017 ] Whenever a work is handed over to some agency, people express joy but whenever any work is assigned to ERA, people curse their fate owing to their past experience with the agency’s working attitude so far in state. More than two years back, J&K ERA vide No. PM/JKUSDIP/ERA/J/7199-7209 dated 6-8-2015 communicated to M/S Zillion Infra Projects Limited that their bid dated 2-7-2015 for execution of work of , “Providing and laying, joining and testing and commissioning of sewerage network in Bakshi Nagar, Shakti Nagar , Shiv Nagar and Janipur area accepted amount of fifty eight crores eight lacs tweo thousand four hundred only by ERA with the condition ibid stated work be completed by 31st December 2016.Sewerage work of above stated areas known as sewerage package ww-07 was started on 28-9-2015 with great fanfare and raising lot of hopes among the residents that they are going to have functional sewerage system. But till day work in question got three extensions on frivolous grounds & is being executed by subcontractors closed to BJP and area MLA having no past experience and that is the main reason work is of inferior quality and interestingly despite repeated complaints, local administration and infamous ERA Bosses have not bothered to give due consideration to complaints and media reporting pointing deficiencies and raising questions about durability of the materials and its design.There are numerous instances where before commissioning of above stated sewerage work, sewer lines fixed with clamps got washed away and in streets manholes got choked and overflowing making inhabitants life miserable and in few cases filth of manholes overflowing entered in houses of those adjacent to manholes. Surprisingly the record of ERA failure is not maintained in its office as replied by Project Manager Hydraulic dated 10-8-2017 addressed to noted RTI Activist Rajeshwar Singh Jamwal. In the same reply, it is acknowledged manholes have started overflowing but no extra payment is made to contractor for cleaning of manholes. Director ERA and CEO ERA have to introspect why ERA junior officers are dishonest and shamelessly cleared the bills passed for payment ignoring the fact that work is of substandard quality.