Shubham Sharma
[ August 20, 2017 ] When Prime Minister Sh. Narinder Modi was addressing the nation on the occasion of 71st Independence Day whole of the India was listening him and the younger generation of this country was analysing him and reviewed his speech on facebook and twitter. Now the trend has changed participation of younger generation has been increased because of the technology and the wider scope of social networking sites through which younger generation can participate and express its views and expectations. In 2013, Sh. Narinder Modi while addressing to Industry Captains in Kolkata stated that "What the Government of India is lacking is governance, not budget and ideas" and 2014 lok sabha election was also governance centric and governance was the prime issue in his election campaign. In 2014, when the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government rode to power, many had expected that this government would definitely work for delivering its promises. Same was the expectations with the Jammu and Kashmir’s BJP who also came to power by befooling the people of Jammu region especially, people of the Jammu region still facing same problems as they were facing during the previous regimes. The slogan of change which was given by Dr. Nirmal Singh was merely an eye wash and only cosmetic steps were taken in this regard. People of Jammu region are still facing the problems related to electricity, water and roads even after the 71 years of Independence. Jammu and Kashmir is lacking behind in every stage of governance especially the Jammu region. Politicians must take a cue, with their lack of governance general public becomes impatient now a days and number of incidents took place which shows that the general public is in no mood to spare those who bee fooled them. Recently, a BJP MLA Mr. Devinder Kumar Manyal faced the anger of general public; MLA Samba was injured when angry persons pelted stones when he went to take part in cremation of those who died in an accident. People pelted stones because the concern MLA was failed to address the long pending requests of the people regarding the maintenance of roads and the over loading of the buses and the matadors. Devinder Kumar Manyal was not the only one who faced the anger of Jammu people. Another MLA and the BJP state president Sat Sharma also faced the anger of general public while addressing the people there are number of political executives from different political parties who are facing anger for not delivering the governance. These examples definitely predicts that MLA‘s who joined politics are not serving the people and also not work according to their respective manifestoes. Time has gone when election freebies may work or one attached the element of divinity to its political executives. This is 21st century and everyone is accountable to the general public who elected them and made them able to legislate. Indian citizens who are unhappy with political parties or who don’t wish to vote they will get a booster an encouragement to go and vote using option NOTA and declare he or she is unhappy with the political party and their candidates . This will encourage political parties to give tickets to good candidates in next elections .NOTO button will start discussion among Indian citizens and result will be more amendments in voting system of India. When Anna Hazare fought for the Right to Information act, people said its waste of time no use. Today RTI has become a tool in hands of honest citizens to get information It provides an option to the voter to reject all candidates. It also helps to keep a check on bogus Voting as someone else will not be able to impersonate and vote in place of him in favor of any Candidate. Supreme Court of India in a land mark judgment ordered Election Commission of India to have a "none of the above" button on electronic voting machines (EVMs) and ballot papers which can be used by the voters to reject all the candidates contesting elections in a constituency, the Supreme Court also said that secrecy of vote where "none of the above" is exercised should be maintained.