JMC dislikes Swacch Bharat Abhiyan

RS Jamwal
[ August 20, 2017 ] India is a very large country, and similar levels of success in campaigns cannot be achieved uniformly everywhere. Be it success or be it failure, high level marketing and general awareness about a Swachh Bharat is what we have always dreamed. When it comes to cleanliness, we are not acknowledged as one globally. Our slums are internationally recognized. Proper sanitation infrastructure, especially in Municipal areas, is something which needs immediate attention. It was the Mahatma’s birthday and years back our PM did this. In his own way, he showed us that it is time we started taking responsibility in our own hands. Stop looking out for someone to do the dirty job for us. One primary objective is setting up of community toilets to eliminate open defecation in rural areas. People are to be coerced to use toilets instead of open defecating. While providing sanitation and collection of waste has already gained quite a good impetus, the question remains as what will happen to the waste once it is collected. Governments may announce any number of schemes in this connection, but implementation of the schemes has to be done by the bureaucracy and police, which have unfortunately become largely corrupt. So the money poured into these schemes largely end up in the pockets of politicians, bureaucrats and police. Swacch Bharat Abhiyan a project launched across India has not brought any dividends till day, because key officials of state and central Govt have shown no sincerity of purpose towards Abhiyan. Majority of agencies executing the work under the head of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan are more interested in issuing of tenders and least bothered to ensure quality of work being executed under the ibid stated head. It pains to note authorities have pathetically failed to ensure the fate of such projects which otherwise needs voluntarily participation of one and all because keeping our surroundings neat and clean is not only essential but also a necessity for positive growth of any individual. It’s worth mentioning here that Prime Minister of Country Narendra Modi realized and on record have stated nothing is going to be changed if we are only interested in issuing of tenders under the name of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It is unfortunate to note that projects conceived by Modi are not appreciated by his own party men despite heading various constitutional posts and most disgusting part is they are unable to rein in key officials who are bound to act and ensure good sanitary conditions. A CSR initiative of Indian Railway catering and tourism corporation Limited towards Swacch Bharat Abhiyan is a mere wastage of Tax payers money, Namma Model public toilets at Railway station Jammu constructed six months back are not yet handed over for public use, thousands of people during arrival and departure have to get relieved in the open and the worst part of story is infamous JMC has kept its garbage dustbin in the open infront of Namma Model public toilets and garbage is spread all over making the area sinking with foul smell In a feudal society one keeps own house clean, but throws garbage and litter outside the house. That is why heaps of garbage lie everywhere on the streets of country. Also, in recent decades there has been mass migration of people from the rural to urban areas looking for jobs. These people coming from rural areas still have the feudal mindset. They throw litter anywhere, and often ease themselves in open spaces. While such a change is imperative, it can only happen if the required physical infrastructure is in place. For instance, it is a tall order to wish away open defecation or eradication of manual scavenging unless people have access to toilets that are serviced by municipal systems. Likewise, merely attitudinal changes in people will not end the problem of garbage accumulation in our cities unless the complete chain of garbage management is in place and in this regard hundreds of crores spent by ERA and JMC without proper study have only gone into drains making the Jammu city more dirtiest and full of water loggings and overflowing drains.