RS Jamwal
[ August 23, 2017 ] Public Works Department (PWD) has miserably failed to live up to expectations of its name and deeds. It has come to fore at several places that wherever they undertake the work of constructing roads, they did not last long due to their active connivance with contractors, who use substandard materials having patronage of higher officials and get their bills passed. PWD also could not hold any contractor accountable for the untimely damages caused to roads recently recarpeted and following which the public money is allowed to go to drains with the callous and vested interests of PWD higher officials. To quote one such example, the road from Jewel Chowk to GMC via Canal (Regional Research Laboratory) is a fit case of study that PWD is looting tax payers money.The roads which needs no urgent repairs are also being recarpated during Monsoon and the material being used is of inferior quality as visible in the pictures. Further recarpating/repairing of city roads recently completed and presently under progress are being done manually instead of using mandatory Paver. A well known fact ignored by local administration that recarpating of roads during monsoon is not advisable. The road in question falls under jurisdiction of Executive Engineer PWD R&B Division -2 whose integrity is doubtful as recently he was under scanner of state investigative agencies and if such type of officials are heading important PWD Divisions what will be fate of department. Superintendent Engineer PWD (R&B) Jammu Kathua Circle allotment number SEJ/1137-39 resurfacing of the above mentioned road was completed on 30 May 2016 and thereafter in May 2017 it was claimed repaired on papers maintained by Executive Engineer UK Sharma. If one travels from Jewel to GMC vice versa in front of GMC College, RRL gate, Arya Samaj Bakshi Nagar and opposite Bakshi Nagar bridge one can find it is non motrable full of water logging and pedestrians are the worst sufferers, neither the roads have footpath and walking on roads without foot paths and having pot holes, is infect an experience of living hell. It is the responsibility of PWD to provide footpaths on the roads plying public transport and its worth mentioning here 90% of city roads are without footpaths due to inefficiency of PWD officials like UK Sharma who are more interested in amassing money for self without least caring about their duties and responsibilities. In the present circumstances, it becomes moral responsibility of Minister concerned to show some teeth before things get out of control and result in total misuse of public money as roads are the lifeline of any economy and also a contributory factor towards progress and prosperity of any area. Minister Works Naem Akhtar who was given Public works to mend the working of department now should come out with some concrete and exemplary initiatives to ensure that at least public gets the chance of moving to and fro without any difficulty and putting their lives in unwanted tight corners without none of their fault.