Clarification regarding Transfers and postings

[ March 17, 2017 ] Jammu: Attention is invited to entry 32 below Third schedule of the J&K Government Business Rules (cases which shall be submitted to the Chief Minister through the Chief Secretary) read with Section D Sub section (VI) of the Transfer policy notified vide Government Order No. 861-GAD of 2010 dated 28.07.2010. Notwithstanding the powers delegated to all the concerned Ministers as per item 32 of Third Schedule of the Jammu and Kashmir Government Business Rules, in terms of which the Hon"ble Minister concerned is empowered/authorized to effect intra-departmental transfers in respect of the Senior Scale KAS Officers (Deputy Secretary and equivalent level) posted within his department, it is clarified that for purposes of Section D (VI) of the Transfer policy in terms of which the power to transfer the Deputy Secretary and equivalent level officers, has been delegated upon the Minister-in-Charge, the Chief Minister being the Minister-in-Charge of the General Administration Department is the competent authority to transfer Deputy Secretary and equivalent level KAS officers holding the posts forming part of the KAS cadre.