25 Inspectors of J&K Executive Police shifted

golden yug
[ August 24, 2017 ] In the interest of administration, the following Inspectors of J&K Executive Police are hereby transferred from and to the places as shown against each for further duties with immediate effect:- Farooq Hussain 4128/NGO EXJ932044 Vigilance has been transferred to CID, Abdul Rashid 4119/NGO EXK932020 Vigilance to CID, Harmohinder Singh 4435/NGO EXJ956530 Vigilance to Traffic, Kamal Sangra 4411/NGO EXJ955485 Vigilance to J/Zone, Zaffer Amin 4437/NGO EXJ955772 Vigilance to Crime, Bhathu Choudhary 4453/NGO EXJ955663 Vigilance to Traffic, Sandeep Mahajan 4423/NGO EXJ955662 Vigilance to Traffic, Sheikh Manzoor 4525/NGO EXK952600 Vigilance to CID, Khurshid-ur- Rehman 4475/NGO EXK952274 Vigilance to Railway, Manzoor Ahmad 4738/NGO EXK972795 Vigilance to K/Zone, Hari Singh 7288/NGO EXJ005654 Vigilance to J/Zone, Sajad Ahmad 7171/NGO EXK003361 Vigilance to CID, Nisar Ahmed 4136/NGO EXK925555 Traffic to Vigilance, Abdul Aziz 4114/NGO EXK931250 K/Zone to Vigilance, Khurshid Ahmed 4476/NGO EXK952276 K/Zone to Vigilance, Suranjeet Singh 4490/NGO EXK956276 PHQ to Vigilance, Riyaz Ahmad 7149/NGO EXK001276 K/Zone to Vigilance, Saleem Qureshi 7178/NGO EXK002166 K/Zone to Vigilance, Bandeshwar Singh 7248/NGO EXJ006217 Security to Vigilance, Naresh Chander 7263/NGO EXJ005609 Security to Vigilance, Khalil Ahmad 7294/NGO EXJ005667 CID to Vigilance, Jatinder Raina 7252/NGO EXJ006221 J/Zone to Vigilance, Mohd Sadeeq 7793/NGO EXJ026021 Traffic to Vigilance, Ajaz Ahmad EXJ046041 J/Zone to Vigilance, Inder Dev Sharma EXJ046176 Security to Vigilance and Irfan Ahmad Khan inspector 7123/ NGO (PID No.EXKOO2357) on his promotion to the present rank has been adjusted in Vigilance with immediate effect. for the Date of his promotion