Right to protest never a right to damage property

golden yug
[ August 26, 2017 ] The recent incidents of public properties being destroyed in broad day light has reached its lowest point and calls for immediate introspection and debate on the general public attitude towards public property and the act of vandalism.From what was reported in the media, it is obvious that whenever there is a call for protest by pressure group, antisocial elements take advantage of the situation to create chaos and in the process targeted only public vehicles and buildings. This makes one question the kind of mindset the antisocial elements in the garb of the protestors have. The perception of the perpetrator of the act of vandalism is that public property is “government property” as if government is an alien organization or that government is an outside entity or even the enemy of the people.Public property be it roads, footpaths, buildings etc are seen as someone else’s property and hence easy target for one to destroy. This mindset is still prevalent in the society, as street lights are unnecessarily targeted, signboards and even unused government buildings are stoned and window panes are damaged without any rhyme or reason. It makes me wonder what could be the level of education of those responsible for the act. It is irresponsible for the group or groups which call the protest to simply conclude that it was an untoward incident and blame it on the so called anti social elements, whenever the incident of damaging public property occurs. By remaining silent when this act of vandalism is carried out during the group’s scheduled programme they are inadvertently encouraging the bad elements to commit more criminal acts during the union’s or association’s programme. And there is no denying the fact that the stories of burning vehicles or burning buildings create fear in the minds of the public and this in some way helps make the strike effective.The proponents of Democracy hold that majority is authority may be right contesting electoral battles but it seems in contemporary India it is working against spirit of Indian constitution. Our forefathers gave their lives for achieving freedom but unfortunately after getting freedom present generation of leaders must of are the nearer and dearer having no contribution in freedom movement are occupying constitutional posts . Our independent Indian leaders may have improved their living standards but have not bothered to improve living conditions of the people who enabled them to be recognised as leaders we the Indians after 70 years of Independence have no access to education, sanitation, housing, health services and above all moral education. The violent protest held by the supporters of rapist Baba Ram Rahim and failure of the state machinery to control violent mob and use of force paints we the Indians in very poor state. Contemporary babas in the recent past remained in the headlines for their wrong doings. Couple of year’s back it was Aasaram, Rampal and now this Ram Rahim. Majority of the followers of these babas are illiterate, and falls under the net of these babas who assured them that they will improved their living standards, finances as they are having the power of miracles. Innocent and unsuspected followers of these babas take law into their own hands just to save the image of their babas they risk their lives. Dera Sasha Sauda chief Gourmet Ram Rahim Singh was on Friday convicted in a 15-year-old rape case by a CBI court in Panchkula near Chandigarh. The court said it will announce the quantum of punishment on Monday, i.e. August 28. Ram Rahim faces seven years or more in jail following his conviction. It may be noted here that Ram Rahim will not be the first self-styled god man to be put behind bars. Several other prominent babes are already behind bars for varying offences. Asaram Badu is in jail after being accused of several offences including rape, trafficking and sexual crimes against minors. He was arrested in 2013 after being accused of rape by a 16-year-old girl on the pretext of ridding her of "evil spirits". In fact, after the brutal Delhi gang-rape case December 16, 2012, Asaram had blamed the victim saying “the girl is as guilty as her rapists”. Ram pal, another self-styled godman, used to work as a junior engineer in the Haryana irrigation department before becoming a guru. He was arrested by the police in November 2014 after a 30-hour-long standoff with paramilitary forces, who wanted to enter his Satlok Ashram to enforce a court warrant for his arrest on a series of charges, including conspiracy to murder. Rampal"s supporters-cum-militia, armed with stones, petrol bombs and other weapons, had tried their best to prevent the paramilitary from entering the ashram and arrest their guru. He was subsequently charged with sedition. Six people had died during the standoff and a whopping Rs 26.61 crore was spent on the arrest of self-styled Godman Rampal and security arrangements for producing him in court in the contempt case. It is very unfortunate that some of the politicians were come forward in the support of Ram Rahim and questioned the verdict given by the honourable court.