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[ August 26, 2017 ] Claims doing everything as per direction of concerned Minister The anger and frustration brewing among editors of Jammu based newspapers regarding the discriminatory working today crossed all limits when they were denied a meeting with Joint Director Information Jammu after properly seeking an appointment with her and kept them waiting for hours together. To express their resentment, Editors, of newspapers, today held strong protest against the Joint Director, Information Jammu concerned Minister and Commissioner Secretary/ Director Information to the department for continuously ignoring their genuine complaints which they brought to their kind notice from time to time but all in vain. The editors while briefing the media alleged that Joint Director Information, Jammu has adopted highly discriminatory method in distribution of Govt advts where pick and choose policy prevailing completely ignoring the small newspapers to give undue favour to those who Grease their palms for getting handsome advt daily. They further claimed that despite bringing into her kind notice the proofs of discrimination, she never took any consideration of their complaint and contrary pass the buck on concerned Minister that she is distributing Govt advertisements as per the directions of concerned Minister. They reiterated that Govt Advertisement Policy 2016 has been totally ignored in distribution of Govt advertisements among the newspapers but tall claims of Govt and concerned Minister that new Advertisement Policy 2016 will address all the issues of newspapers but regrettably the policy has miserably failed to end discrimination with newspapers in distribution of govt advertisements. Not only this several vital parameters of Advertisement Policy 2016 were never implemented in letter and spirit since its inception and infect they were given breather by department with out of way release of Govt advertisements . The value statement obtained from Information Department from April 2017 to June 2017 shows the discrimination of highest order in distribution of Govt advertisements. To quote few blunders of department, Greater Jammu newspaper was released 3275 Cm Govt advertisements, Glimpse of Future released 2380 Cm whern both the papers fall under same category. Similarly Top News evening Newspaper was released 2520 Cms, Jammu Metro was released 2395 Cm, Excel Express was released 1990 Cms despite falling under same category. Kashmir Ujma Urdu newspaper was released 7100 Cm, Udaan Urdu newspaper was released 5050 Cms, Taskeen Urdu newspaper was released 1440 Cm also fall under the same category. Amar Ujala Hindi released 11530 Cm, Punjab Kesri was released 2295 Cm, Dainik Jagran Hindi Newspaper released 8360 Cms. Likewise Bilinual newspapers Pir Panchal Newsline was released 2490 Cms, Shere Bharat Urdu newspaper black and white was released 1050 Cm , Preet Urdu newspaper black and white was released 595 Cm advt falling under same category. Weekly Job Quest was released 860 Cms, Weekly Bhau Express was released 75 Cms, Fortnightly Khabro ki Khabar was released 300 Cms, Dayanand Samachar fortnightly was released 60 Cms, Sachi Kalam fortnightly was released 30 Cm falling under same category. Monthly Public Time was released 460 Cm, News List monthly was released 110 Cm, Jagriti Time monthly was released 50 Cm advts. Moreover claiming transparency, department had started sending attendance report of newspapers but after several loop holes in the preparation of attendance report, it has been cut short to two times in month whereas it should on daily basis. Joint Director Jammu in a deliberate move to harass Jammu based newspapers willfully spent two extra days in Srinagar so that the Jammu based newspapers as per the direction of concerned Minister to release advertisement payments before Eid could get it before the auspicious occasion. This and many more like these types of discriminations are being faced by Jammu based editors. It is advisable on part of concerned Minister to take care of this as the department is of vital importance for Govt and equally important are newspapers which helps department and govt to take its policies and programmes to gross root level people. Any further delay in addressing the issue will create huge gap between department and Jammu based newspapers which will be difficult to bridge if any further time gets lapsed in addressing this burning issue.