DIPR needs to evaluate cleanliness under SBM at its premises

golden yug
[ August 26, 2017 ] The department which has a responsibility to take policies and programmes of Govt to people and very much responsible for creating awareness about social evils in society through electronic and print media if fails to take care of its premises, then it can be assumed that something very serious is lacking in functioning of department. As per the visit of a prominent person to the department’s office in Media Complex Jammu, while entering one of the rooms of office, he found some gentleman openly smoking in the room and not only this smoked cigarettes buds were lying scattered here and there. Smoking stands banned but the authorities yet to curb this menace. Bathrooms located in the ground floor and first floor was dirty and their walls were painted with smokeless tobacco forcing everyone not to use them. This raises question mark on the credibility of department which is unable to keep its office clean how it can help govt to convince others to keep their surroundings clean under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Moreover there is proper water facility at the disposal of department’s Jammu office by having own tube well inside the premises and even then such dirt is unpardonable and a matter of concern. It’s been nearly nine years since India banned smoking in public places, but you wouldn’t know it from talking to non-smokers. Smokers ignoring ban smokes a cigarette a few steps away, indifferent to how the fumes annoy passersby. We can’t say anything to anyone. They won’t take it positively. In a country where efforts to ban people from spitting and urinating in public have met with little success, people still openly flout restrictions on smoking. That doesn’t always work, especially in offices where someone’s boss might be the culprit. Non-smokers feel uncomfortable around their colleagues when they come back from a cigarette break. With a lack of smoking rooms in the country, the temptation to grab a smoke outside during the work day is strong. The definition of “open spaces”, referred to in India’s anti-tobacco rules, is not clear either. The Department of Information and Public Relations serves a bridge between Government, media and people at large. With sanitation in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) being the worst in India, government has pulled up its officials to ensure cleanliness of cities, towns and important places across the state by implementation of various schemes. Even though the Government of India has launched various centrally sponsored schemes, its efforts to improve sanitation in the State have fallen flat. Sources said authorities had also expressed concern over the obtaining status of sanitation management in key urban locations and called for taking up wide ranging initiatives to systematically implement the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan across the State and to focus on cleanliness of government offices, public places and tourist points. In the absence of adequate sanitation facilities, the populace especially in rural J&K falls prey to various dreadful diseases. The city hospitals as per the doctors admit a huge chunk of people who complain gastroenteritis, Hepatitis and Cholera, diseases related to sanitation. The responsibility of the department is to project, highlight and disseminate the activities of the Government through print and electronic media. But unfortunately the department has failed to take care of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan in its premises where smoking , chewing tobacco has badly damaged the bathrooms of department which gives out foul smell and visitors who once use the facility prefers not to use it in future irrespective of any emergency.