Corporation responsible for city’s haphazard growth

golden yug
[ August 29, 2017 ] Allowing illegal constructions now days has become the hall mark of Jammu Municipal Corporation where there is complete chaos and anarchy and there is no set mechanism to address the complaints and also there is no daring staff which could raise fingers on wrongdoings and hence the question of any action against violators doesn’t arises. More unfortunate is callousness of concerned Minister and also the Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh who seems to have some other priorities than addressing wrongdoings in his department as despite exposing several such cases no concrete action has been taken against any violators. In one such examples first a shop having an area of 12x15 ft was constructed on residential plot 285/7 in Govt Residential Colony, Channi Himmat against the city master plan as the total area of plot was 30x55 corner plot where the permission was only for residence but JMC allowed violator namely Narinder Singh S/o Thakur Goverdhan Singh R/O Gandhi Nagar Jammu during the tear 2010-11. The permission of site plan was not only approved as per the wishes of violator but also given full support against the set norms. JMC even did not serve him the COBO notice and with a result the construction of residence is in full flow without leaving any space for kickbacks mandatory as per constructions rules in city. Whereas there is provision in JMC laws that once the violations are surfaced in actual site plan approved then the site plan 2nd time is not approved but in this case despite violations in open. In the month of July 2017, the owner restarted the construction on the vacant space without following setbacks and also raised stairs from the front side which is not allowed besides extending galleries beyond permission. As a result of this violation, people of the area organized massive protests and brought the violation into the consideration of JMC but no action was taken and following which the slab work was completed on 30-7-2017 in presence of Khilafwarzi Inspector, Shiv Paul Singh which should have been stooped in his presence. However under pressure of civil society, JMC under J&K Control of Building Operation Act (COBO) under Section 7(1), 12(1), 7(3) served notices to violator. However the notices were served for violations on 283/7 which is a residential house and belongs to somebody else whereas the actual violator was on plot 285/7 Channi Himmat Housing colony. The notices were mere eyewash as in the notices; the real violations were not mentioned in the notices clearly to provide edge to violator including shop on residential plot and stairs from front side which are not permissible under city master plan 2032. The violator with the help of JMC did not stop here and despite as claimed by JMC two notices were issued to violator , he went ahead with construction of another floor on the hundred percent area virtually converting whole of the residential plot into full fledged commercial structure. The truth is also this that after sending COBO notices selectively it helps the violators by showing poor defense thus surrendering in favor of violators which have been proved only eye wash. Infect JMC staff acquaints the violators with the loop holes how to give slip to established rules and also ensures its support initially when any violative building construction starts. In most of the cases it has been observed that JMC initially extended support to violators to raise violative structure and then takes cosmetic actions which later prove mere eyewash resulting in immense suffering to innocent people who are made to suffer for none of their fault and also result in loss to Govt exchequer. Now the question arises if the notice were true to its affect, then why no action was taken by JMC and most importantly why he started further construction by raising pillars the construction of which is still going on at the moment and very soon the slap work will take place but the JMC is nowhere visible on or even nearby spot. Whereas there is provision in JMC laws that once the violations are surfaced in actual site plan approved then the site plan 2nd time is not approved but in this case despite violations in open that is constructing shop and running business under name and style Kitchen Trendz dealing with PVC Paneling Wallpapers, wooden flooring etc on residential plot, the permission of site plan was not only approved as per the wishes of violator but also given full support against the set norms. The affected people when approached the JMC, it handed over the site plan which was approved in 2009 but in that plan there was no space for shop in the plan Vide No. 1580/BS/09 dated 1-10-2009 paying fees for the residential purpose as Rs 4374. As a matter of fact the site plan which was passed in 2009 was valid for three years only and during this period no construction was undertaken. However the violator as per the rules was supposed to seek the fresh permission from JMC to go for construction but instead he started construction without applying afresh permission. This resulted in serious loss to exchequer which could have been submitted had he sought fresh permission for construction. JMC owes an explanation if the construction is stayed how the violator is going for further construction which in simple words proves that JMC is fully behind the violator and allowing it to happen. Notwithstanding the fact that there were hundreds of violations under Jammu City Master Plan 2021, JMC deliberately made mockery of this by allowing changing’s as per the convenience of violators and even in several cases residential site plans were converted into commercial openly violating all norms in lieu of huge kickbacks. Now Govt has come out with new Jammu City Master plan 2032 came into force vide SRO No. 90 dated 3-3-2017 but the question remains will this make any difference in the hearts and minds of all those who have a responsibility on their shoulders to ensure that every construction in and around Jammu city be in line with Jammu city Master Plan. From the past experience, the answer is no especially when hundreds of buildings have been constructed against the previous master plan 2021.