Who will seal unregistered Hotels/ Villas?

golden yug
[ August 30, 2017 ] Directorate of tourism Jammu is the sole body in city of temples to issue registration certificates under Tourist Trade Act 1978 to those establishments operating a hotel, villa, and lodge. Surprisingly a sensitive state like J&K, neither the registration certificate issuing authority nor the JMC seems to be serious and due to both negligence, hundreds of hotels and villas are operating in the Jammu city without mandatory documents. Functioning of unregistered villas and hotels in govt residential areas is cause of concern and raises question about functioning of key officials of JMC, HUDDA, Directorate of tourism, pollution Control Board, PHE, Fire services, Pollution control Board. It is amazing to note building bylaws of civic body are constantly being violated and authorities have bundle of reasons to support their excuses for their inability to check mushrooming of illegal and unauthorized villas, hotels and lodges. Unregistered units are disturbing peace of mind of inhabitants of area as the area is classified as residential by competitive authorities and its worth mentioning here in residential area there is no provision of setting up of commercial units. It is alleged that officials of above stated organizations after getting their palms greased have turned blind eye towards grave violations in open. Directorate of tourism functioning is evident from the notice issued by them in the newspapers by them stating that more than twenty units registered by them now doesn’t exist as team of tourist police no such units as per the address available with the department by showing thumb to tourism department and JMC. The following unregistered villas, lodgings, hotels, Guest Houses functioning with patronage of tourism and JMC besides others are Jain Tejinder Villa on plot 369/1, Channi Himmat Jammu, Singh Lodge/Villa on 37/2, Tick Tack on 151/3 and 152/2 and 151/2 too have Villa/Lodge/ Hotels. In a query from JMC concerned officials, it was revealed above stated plots buildings were passed for residential purposes vide JMC No. 2385/BS/09 Dated 2-2-2010. As per the site plan building was allowed for fifteen feet height but it is constructed more than forty feet and the covered area was allowed 300 Sqft but the owner running the villa have covered 100 % area of the plot with connivance of JMC officials. The other one namely Singh Lodge located at 37/2 vide JMC No.2156/BS/09 DATED 23-12-2009 allowed ground and first floor measuring 987 Sqft each again in this case ground plus two floors were constructed covering full plot measuring nearly 1650 Sqft each. Similarly by clubbing 151/2 and 152/2, there is Villa/Lodge where as site plans were passed for residential purpose vide JMC site plan No. 1240 dated 9-9-2009 and 1239 dated 9-9-2009. Moreover 151/3 was also passed for residential purposes and now there is three story lodge. Besides at Trikuta Nagar JDA Housing Colony, Sector 9 adjoining railway station two hotels are being run under name and style Satyam and Shivam. Whereas Tourism department when questioned over this passed the buck saying that no such permission has been granted by their office for villas / lodging under registration certificate under tourist Trade Act 1978/82.2011 and SRO 198 of Tourism Department dated 8-6-2012. Under the act, it is mandatory to deposit annual registration fee and failing which timely, the department is empowered enough to cancel the registration and recovered fine Rs 2000 and which could be extended to Rs 500 per day if the authorized hotels/Villas persistently failed to deposit the same. Further, to recover fine imposed under sub section 1 shall be recovered as if it is a fine recoverable under the provision of Code of Criminal procedure, Svt.1989. Failure of the key officials of Jammu province may be a reason of worry for the Jammiites but still they have hope that judiciary will punish the violators and key officials who with vested interests are not performing their duties.