BJP Ministers prefers reviewing to viewing resulting in substandard works

R.s jamwal
[ August 30, 2017 ] PDP-BJP combined state Govt as and when get an opportunity leaves no stone unturned to state that present govt is committed to develop state infrastructure, will eradicate corruption and will allow one and all to live with peace and also guaranteeing livelihood. It’s a fact central Govt of Modi is kind enough and has pumped lacs of crores of money in the state under numerous centrally sponsored schemes. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti is also detrimental to work for those who enabled her to occupy Chair of CM. It’s also a fact that despite all odds and especially non cooperation shown by few and by the group detrimental to spoil peace of the valley. She is continuing development works in troubled areas. It’s no denying to the fact that crores of rupees were spent in Jammu by ERA on its much advertised Jammu Sewerage Project.Contract package No. JKUSDIP/Jammu/WW-07 amounting 58 crores eight lacs two thousand four hundred and was started in 28-9-2015 with its completion date was 31-12-2016. Pertinent to mention here on its date of deadline, the project was only completed 37.17 % and on frivilious ground thrice extension was granted with its new completion date 30-9-2017. The sewerage project of ERA in question was from day one criticized due to its wrong concept and poor workmanship, complaints regarding the same lodged with Divisional Commissioner Jammu remained unnoticed. Interestingly before commissioning of the sewer pipeline its manholes thrice overflowed during last one month and during the same period pipelines got damaged with flodded water. Dy CM of the state owes an explanation why tax payer’s money allowed to be looted by ERA?BJP Ministers and MLAs are found in newspapers inspecting development works being executed in Jammu city but surprisingly why they have not noticed development works executed by JMC and sewerage project of ERA is of substandard quality and is also ill-conceived. Amazingly hardly any week passed its found Chief Secretary, Divisional Commissioner and DDC were a news reviewing progress of development works but unfortunately complaints with them regarding poor quality materials being used and questions raised by activists regarding durability of the projects remained unattended raising questions why senior bureaucrats of Jammu province are not discouraging corrupt heads of JMC, ERA, PWD, JDA. Civil society of Jammu, senior citizens and NGO Heads has voiced their concerns but all is in vain. Question remains unanswered when Govt will take cognizance of in the name of development crores of rupees of tax payer’s money minted by those who happen to be guardians of the same.