Govt crying hoarse of accommodation shortage, JMC allotting like hot cakes

golden yug
[ August 31, 2017 ] Though our Prime Minister talks of Digital India and trying to ensure transparency and accountability, our JMC is not willing to keep pace with PM’s initiatives and infect doing contrary to the spirit of policies and programmes of Govt by indulging in unfair practices by thinking of welfare of its own people at the cost of deserving people to the extent of even modifying the set rules to provide undue favour to near and dear ones. At a time when Govt is already running short of Govt accommodation to accommodate its employees and officials and spending worth crores on rented accommodation, it has come to fore that several retired govt employees with the connivance of higher ups still occupying govt accommodation by paying a meager sum after manipulating rules to manage govt accommodation during their tenure in Govt services. In an eye opener case of brazen violation of official position, recently retired Joint Commissioner (Adam) JMC RS Jamwal while in service applied for govt accommodation in his office addressed to Municipal Commissioner claiming that he has no personal accommodation on 29-1-2016. Accordingly then Assistant Commissioner (Revenue) , JMC ordered to allot cattle pond site situated at Gandhi Nagar Jammu to Joint Commissioner (A) claiming that there was no other accommodation to his/her personal knowledge and if any other accommodation is available beyond his knowledge put him in that accommodation. However it deserves mentioning here that the said cattle pond at Gandhi Nagar had already been shifted to cattle pond Dogra Hall, Rehari but the same could be used for residential purpose after renovation. In this regard retired Joint Commissioner using his influence in his office managed to prepare an estimate of 47.39 lacs for renovation to convert the cattle pond site into residential accommodation. The estimate was framed by Xen Trikuta Division as per the instructions of then worthy Municipal Commissioner JMC for renovation but for not new construction. However while floating the tender vide e-NIT No. MJ/16-17/Tech /T/e-306t. tenders were invited for proposed new construction phase 1st ground floor covering advertised amount Rs 21.93 lacs and allotted amount Rs 21.80 lacs to Hardev Kumar R/o 85/2 Pamposh Colony, Janipur Jammu vide No.MJ/JC/W/Alt/270-274 dated 20-6-2016. As a matter of fact how the second story and with whose permission was constructed when the tender was only for ground floor speaks volumes of wrong way of JMC working lacking all the rules and regulations on ground and there is complete mess of everything. JMC showering all favours on Joint Commissioner allotted the double story accommodation to him vide No.JMC/RB/1053-55 Dated 10-2-2016 and that HRA shall be deducted from his salary by JMC plus rent @ of Rs 1000 per month before 10th of every month and the same shall be revised as and when decision in this regard is taken by the department. It is shameful and highly unfortunate besides a crime to pass out wrong information being Govt official just to seek Govt accommodation out of way by retired Joint Commissioner (A) by claiming that he has no personal accommodation where as Joint Commissioner is having one house at Tope Sherkhania worth 35 lacs, six canals land worth 60 lacs as per his statement given in 2013, 10 marlas plot at Babliana purchased on his wife name. It is strange to note that JMC itself claims that it has no rules and no entitlement criteria to provide accommodation to its employees besides Revenue department of JMC also admits that there is also no record of rules, circular, orders to fix rent for govt accommodation to its employees. In addition to this JMC also allotted accommodation at Gandhi Nagar to Govt employee Chain Singh, Kharati Lal doing private job, Ex PRO JMC Madan Mohan Khajuria, Municipal employee Bharat Bhushan, Ex Commissioner JMC Jeet Lal Gupta, Govt employee Surinder Kumar, President of NGO Narinder Sharma, Driver H&UDD Balbir Singh and recently retired Joint Commissioner (A) RS Jamwal.