Corrupt PWD PIOs blocking information under RTI Act

GY Spl Correspondent
[ August 31, 2017 ] PIO UK Sharma unable to appreciate RTI Act 2009 FAA/SE orders shown thumb by PIO UK Sharma PWD corrupt PIOs blocking asked information with ulterior motives CUK VC Prof Mehrajudin Mir on Monday said that Right to Information Act (RTI) is a very important weapon in the hands of information seekers to know the affairs of state. But the fact of the matter is it is being constantly threatened by those “corrupt”, otherwise who are duty bound to honor it and without any pretext provide information seekers information available with their office. RTI Act was formed with the aim to empower citizens to question, transparency and accountability in the working of govt, contain corruption and it’s a well known fact informed citizens are well equipped to keep necessary vigil on equipments of Govt and make Govt more accountable. Act empowers information seekers to know how tax payer’s money is being utilized by the govt. State RTI Act being implemented in state since 2009 is yet to be appreciated by those PIOs who are unable to maintain their respective offices record in order and are also indulging in corrupt practices. The infamous PIO Executive Engineer PWD (R&B) Division-2 is known for all bad reasons. In reply to RTI Application dated 27-4-2017, the said PIO has stated that the footpaths tiles at most of the places is partially damaged by respective households/shopkeepers and was also asked to provide allotment of resurfacing of road, PS Bakshi Nagar to Vishal Mega Mart but with ulterior motives, desired information was blocked, information seeker approached First Appellate Authority/ Superintendent Engineer PWD (R&B) Jammu Kathua Circle and vide Order No. SEJ/RTI/2996-97 Dated 20-7-2017, PIO was directed to provide requisite information to Appellant Rajeshwar Singh, noted social & RTI Activist. PIO UK Sharma shamelessly dishonored ibid stated order of his seniors. Same PIO without any merit on one pretext or another is in the habit of abusing his authority while dealing with RTI Applications. In another case, First Appellate Authority/ Superintendent Engineer PWD (R&B) Jammu Kathua Circle and vide Order No. SEJ/RTI/3051-52, wherein it was stated, “you are advised to provide information to the information seekers directly which is available and existing in the Division. But dishonest PIO UK Sharma again blocked the information without any merit and also once again disobeyed direction of his higher authorities. Once again ugly act of PIO UK Sharma proves he is in habit of disobeying instructions of his seniors and his continuing in the present post will result further harassment of rightful information seekers which is also against the spirit of RTI Act 2009.