Corporation Commissioner working under watch

RS Jamwal
[ September 02, 2017 ] Unauthorised construction unchecked in Jammu · 100% footpaths encroached by Rehriwallas · Assistant Commissioner (R) performance below average · Commissioner to answer who patronize illegal hoardings scam If recent newspapers reports are to be believed it seems present new Commissioner of JMC knows the organization he is heading is in mess. Accepting it as a challenge with all seriousness, it is evident that he is determined to improve its image by working on existing loop holes and lacunas in system. Corporations are meant for keeping the area falling under its jurisdiction neat and clean and to provide basic amenities to residents and to ensure to have parks, recreation centers, primary health centers, children parks, senior citizens parks, reading rooms and above all to ensure area falling under its jurisdiction is developed aesthetically, but unfortunately performance of the city civic body on above stated facilities needed is negligible. Since time immemorial, heads of various departments of JMC are or may not be attending their offices regularly. But a thing is clear; their performance with regard to unauthorized/ illegal construction, unregistered rehires, menace of stray dogs and animals, overflowing of drains besides heaps of garbage proves that corruption at its peak in JMC. Subordinates of Commissioner heading various departments lack enthusiasm and vision which is evident from the instructions/orders issued by new Commissioner asking them to work in the field under the names Special Drives which otherwise they are suppose to do and monitor on day to day basis. Pertinent to mention here, that despite Hon’ble High Court order to remove rehires from foot paths, roads and streets, other than maintaining files on the issue, no sincere efforts made to streamline the system following which hundreds of unlicensed rehires can be seen on busiest roads of the city besides equal numbers in streets on daily basis. Amazingly JMC in its recently intensified anti encroachment drive was only able to seize 42 unregistered rehires among thousands of rehires moving in the areas falling under its jurisdiction , which again raises question about JMCs officials sincerity of purpose and their devotion towards their duties. To continue with their wrong practices, JMC officials on records have revealed that they are not maintaining record of unregistered rehires plying on Jammu city roads and streets and have also shown no enthusiasm to ensure areas earmarked for rehires is used by the registered rehriwallas and hundred percent footpaths covered by registered and unregistered rehriwallas beside other areas is a nightmare and a challenge for pedestrians to walk freely and safely. But JMC unchecked vested interests in the issue is continuing. Worth mentioning here that central Govt led by PM Modi recently declared Jammu city to be developed as smart city but a city having no sewer line, no public transport, no uninterrupted water and power supply, no foot paths and full of haphazard growth of unauthorized constructions and street furniture, JMC may have building bye laws, must have a copy of Jammu city Master Plan but picturesque of city raises doubt over integrity of JMC Officials. Million dollars question remains to be answered by those who as and when get opportunity take pledge and claims, no corrupt officials will be spared indulging in corrupt practices. But when complaints were lodged in this regard, they prefer to remain silent which also raises question over their image. Awaken citizens to have always raised hue and cry for such bad quality works done by the municipal corporations and other state agencies and have time and again demanded an independent enquiry into the whole affairs. Government has noted that development works have been undertaken with the sole purpose to have pecuniary gains which promote corruption. Sources said that same is the case with ERA’s sewerage pipeline works which are substandard and have also been found not as per the required specifications, following number of complaints regarding the discrepancies in these works, the government is likely to order a enquiry and examination relating to quality of material used and how poor quality works and exorbitant rates were allowed and also the cases where Codal formalities have not been observed. Top officials of the government said that the government is likely to constitute a committee to look into the issue and fix responsibility against officials responsible for encouraging corruption and with vested interests have passed bills for substandard works. Concerned officials of Corporation negligence is causing crores of rupees revenue losses as with vested interests despite having knowledge of hundreds of illegal hoardings across Jammu city, not a single removed till day.