Supporters of terrorism, enemies of mankind

shubham sharma
[ September 05, 2017 ] Fighting and eliminating militants is not enough. It is a familiar fact that Taliban and ISIS thrive on an ideology. That ideology leads them to killing the innocent civilians. The concept of Jihad has been wrongly taught to them. Neither there is any concept of holy war, nor there anything like blowing oneself to attain heaven. These terrorists maybe eliminated temporarily, but this ideology will emerge them again and again. Government should take necessary steps to bury this ideology forever. Peace centers should be inaugurated to rebut the ideology of terrorists. Peaceful and moderate image of Islam should be taught to young children from school level. The factors leading to terrorism e.g poverty, sense of deprivation, lack of education should also be tackled. Terrorism can never be eliminated unless this ideology is not taken seriously. Also, the nexus between corruption and terrorism must be broken. I pray that the cancer of terrorism maybe eliminated forever, and may we all live with peace, love, affection and mutual harmony. Terrorism was the biggest enemy of mankind and the biggest danger to the world peace. There is a great need for international community to come together to curb it , particularly the lawyers and professionals to come to some understanding and bring strict laws in their respective countries and broad international agreement on fighting terror and ending all sources of terror . The world community must be aware of the evil designs of these forces and see to it that we all come together for an agreement at the earliest to have a comprehensive convention on suppression of international terrorism. That’s the need of the hour, the biggest danger to the world peace is from terror. Terror has no religion, it has no colour and it has no gender. But, unfortunately some people are trying to mix terror and religion for their own narrow political and parochial ends. India’s foreign policy is based on sovereign equality of states, non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states and peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with principles articulated in Article 33 of the United Nations. Everybody is becoming a victim, it’s an enemy of humanity and it should be curbed mercilessly. And it should be curbed legally, politically and administratively and it should be curbed by creating awareness among the people. There cannot be any justification at all for terror. However great the cause may be, there are legal methods. Now we are living in a civilised world. World is moving on and we are living in a global village and we are not living in isolation we must all resolve to come together and take strong resolve to put an end to this menace of terror which is enemy of the mankind, which is affecting the progress of people of world community.