Build nation we know, what about building teachers?

Shubham Sharma
[ September 06, 2017 ] The President of India paid floral tributes to Dr Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan on his birth anniversary. The day is also officially celebrated as Teacher’s Day. Using this opportunity Dr Harsh Vardhan launches the Prakriti Khoj an environmental quiz on occasion of Teachers Day. As usual on such numerous occasions, pledges are made will work with sincerity, zeal and enthusiasm and will not indulge in corruption going further ahead promises are also made Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. Unfortunately, the ground reality is nothing good happening on the ground level with every day moving things are becoming hazier. Recently RTE Act, was incorporated with much fanfare but till not implemented in its true spirit. If one goes across any city, its main bazars, railway stations, bus stands hundreds of children are found roaming taking intoxication and few engaged in dabhas or hotels for service and washing of plates. This raises question about implementation of RTE Act in India. Not long ago have heard from our parents and their parents students were handed over to gurus with the aim and trust, it’s the duty of the guru to make enable his student to learn and thereafter earn his live hood by adopting fair means besides taking care of society. We, as a nation has progressed a lot but lot remains to be done. In lakhs private and government schools are functioning in the country but majority of them are like any shop. Teachers employed there are inexperienced and few are having no desired qualification like JBT and B.Ed. without check number of tuition centres came up in the city assuring admissions in various universities and professional colleges but admissions in such institutions (professional colleges) is out of reach of majority of students as their fees are out of reach of common parents. Presently, state ruled by PDP-BJP combined too have shown no sensitivity towards important and burning issues like from last over 200 days contractual teachers are on strike and none is bother to listen their grievances. Rulers of the day and their blue – eyed bureaucrats as long as are not interested to change the scenario nothing is going to change, this type of numerous events too have no encouraging effect, nothing is going to change but can be found in advertisements, can be noticed in newspapers but fate of those connected with these events will remain same. We, the Indian still have not learnt how to govern and that’s the only reason no one is accountable and answerable.