No one in Govt serious about utilization of public money properly and judiciously

R.S Jamwal
[ September 06, 2017 ] CM’s intervention need of hour to secure desired results Lesser known BJP leader’s morality questionable ERA executed substandard sewerage project in Jammu West Criminal negligence of key official’s cause of corruption Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) a party claiming to be different from the existing political parties be it regional or national and all their popular slogans including the much touted slogan, “party with a difference” has lost its credibility in shortest time after it was given unprecedented mandate by people of Jammu region for a much needed change and most importantly to get rid of 70 years old long discrimination with Jammu region. The misgovernance and greed for money on part of BJP MLAs and its Ministers have completely lost the plot and agenda in shine of unexpected power just because of Modi wave. This is perhaps the reason why they are taking governance so lightly and busy in securing their personal wellbeing rather than respecting the mandate given to them to address local issues on priority. It’s no denying to the fact that the young Chief Minister Madam Mehbooba Mufti is trying her best to ensure all round development of the state and at the same time has shown her concern to rein in corrupt and instructions in this regard to one and all issued by her from time to time after so many complaints in virtually all the departments of poor work culture and delay and harassment of public in getting their work done properly and timely. It needs mention here that poor governance and no proper management of departments made the Incharge of CM Grievance Cell to offer suggestions to bring the credibility in working of JKPSC and similar is the case with thousands of other complaints in other departments be it education, revenue, RDD, PWD, Health etc But surprisingly lesser known politicians who got elected MLA for the first time and among them few later on were accommodated in PDP-BJP coalition Govt as Ministers are leaving no stone unturned in filling their coffins with illicit money. The contribution of BJP leaders in promoting, shielding corrupt officials and their greed for few silver coins is unparallel example in the history of J&K. In the name of providing, laying and testing and commissioning of sewerage network in Jammu west a loan of Rs 58,08,02400 alloted to M/s Zillion Infra Projects Pvt Limited, 5thfloor,Anushka Tower, Plot-2, Garg Trade Centre, Sector-11, Rohini, New Delhi to get the work done within one year taken from ADB Bank instead of using the loan amount for providing functional sewerage system money was misused and substandard material was used and before commissioning of the said project manholes constructed started overflowing and sewer pipelines fixed with the support of clamps got washed away during the current rainy season. Interesting to note, ERA on record saying record not maintained in their office with regard to complaints received in this regard but assuring necessary repairs done which is far from truth and the people of the area are worst sufferers living under fear of breaking out of an epidemic because they are not expecting any relief from administration which has already lost its credibility. Pertinent to mention here key officials of Jammu region were thoroughly apprised regarding substandard quality ERA works then executed. But with ulterior motives, they took no action and allowed inexperienced sub contractors to continue withdrawing bills for the works which they have never completed. Amazingly sewerage works claimed completed during first quarter of 2017 by ERA in street No. 3, 5 and 6 of Shakti Nagar is proved wrong if the tile work of the said streets was maintained to its original form by ERA in March-April 2017, then the question remain to be probed why office of executive engineer, central Division, JMC allotted a contract for up gradation of lane NO. 3, 5 and 6 of Shakti Nagar falling under Ward 29 vide AANo. 82 dated 15-5-2017 (Two works) for Rs 15.47 lacs. Residents of the area are shocked to note that ERA and JMC with connivance of local MLA Sat Sharma are looting tax payers money and their nefarious designs are unchecked by state Vigilance department.