Who was afraid of Gouri Lankesh?

golden yug
[ September 07, 2017 ] Gauri Lankesh was a fearless and outspoken journalist and fearlessly expressed her opinions in the newspaper weekly Lankesh Patrika edited by her. Gauri fiercely criticized the right wing Hindutava politics and was also known a critic of central govt on its key issues. She was a Journalist cum activist and was vocal in airing her views about communal politics and was deadly against casteism. Yesterday around 8PM bullets were pumped into her body from close range by unidentified assailants near the entrance of her residential gate. Gauri was a staunch supporter of free press and in an interview with Wire had said that she was concerned about the state of freedom of expression in the country and too have raised apprehensions about how people are targeted because of their ideology. Editors Guild of India while condemning gruesome murder of Gauri stated that this is despicable and inhuman act and demanded probe into the matter. Journalist S. Venkat Narayan while condemning the brutal killing of Gauri asked CM of Karnatka to order an immediate probe to find the preparators and get them booked for the heranious crime.. Meanwhile Shabana Azmi demanded the culprits must be punished, Actress Nandita Das who was one of the admirers of late journalist wrote shocked and devastated a person I knew and admire. She further added a sharp decline in human rights , free speech and civil liberties. Film Maker Shirish Kunder wrote when intellectual became an abuse words are replied with bullets. In expressing solidarity with the family of Gauri and to oppose this barbaric act, peaceful protests were held across country condemning dashing the foundation of fourth pillar of democracy and sought reply from govt that when she was not afraid of anybody who was afraid of her? After paying respect to Gauri Lankesh at Ravinder Kala Kshetra, CM of the state ruled out CBI probe now and said that SIT under the IG Rank officer monitoring has been constituted besides terming the murder as an act of organized crime. International condemnations of Gauri Lankesh killing keep pouring in and in this regard US says it joins India in condemning murder of advocate of press freedom. Meanwhile BJP too have demanded CBI probe into the killing of fearless journalist