PDD why disconnected only few illegal connections out of thousands?

[ September 08, 2017 ] Unbecoming behavior of PDD official’s cause of revenue losses RS Jamwal Dy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh, who is also Minister incharge Power Development Department months back in a meeting briefed key officials of PDD to act against power thieves and recover power dues or get ready to face consequences. Under pressure PDD officials contrary to their interests, to keep Minister Words acted in a cosmetic way. And out of thousands of illegal connections given by PDD, little more than fifty illegal connections were disconnected. Interestingly instead of introspection , PDD officials started behaving like politicians and to continue theft of power, they too have not hesitated in saying that Minister orders are for Jammu Province only as defaulters of Kashmir Division are not asked to pay their power dues and till day nothing recovered from them on account of power dues consumed by them. The role of key officials of Jammu Division PDD is highly condemnable as instead of voicing their concern how to manage uninterrupted power supply to Jammuites and to discourage illegal consumers and their subordinates they have started indulging in politics and have raised question about functioning of Dy CM. PDD Jammu official’s negligence and vested interests is the main cause of power theft in Jammu Province which is causing crores of rupees revenue loss to state and putting legal consumers to utmost hardships despite paying electricity charges monthly. Hundreds of Rehriwallas and cane juice sellers are openly stealing power with connivance of PDD officials a known fact and if few PDD officials are honest, then its time to prove their worth by way of acting in getting ibid stated connections otherwise no one is now ready to buy their lame excuses and before it gets too late to mend, there is golden opportunity to finally perform or get ready to perish. PDD spokesman Sanjay Sharma in papers was noted boosting that PDD in a drive have disconnected sixty five connections and rupees forty five lacs recovered but surprisingly why out of thousands of illegal connections, only sixty five disconnected. Further what action plan department proposed with regard to defaulters of power dues record of which is available various sub divisions of the department? For knowledge of Chief Engineer PDD ( M&RE ) and Minister concerned power dues files biting dust and from top to bottom from PDD none is bothered. As per officials reference No. SD-11/RTI/982-83 Dated 21-8-2017 of AEE ( EM&RE) Sub Division 2 Shastri Nagar amount of Rs 135508219 crores was due from M/s Tawi Ind Enterprises and amount of Rs thirty lacs was only deposited by the violator. If PDD staff attend their offices regularly and sincere towards their duty there was no reasons amount in lacs from following have become due as power charges. Shubham Enterprises is having due of Rs 360824, Mengi Hitech Industries amount of Rs 894499 and Hotel Asia has an outstanding due of Rs 30 lacs. There are numerous cases as per record maintained by different sub divisions of the PDD, why the connections of defaulters were not disconnected for months and why no sincere effort was made to recover power dues remains to be answered by state administration. Prevailing situation demands that Govt should form a committee to ascertain losses incurred by PDD on account of illegal power connections besides fixing responsibility and by deducting from salary of concerned PDD staff whose negligence and vested interests is cause of power theft and piling of outstanding dues.