Govt’s negligence cause of hurting religious feelings

R.S Jamwal
[ September 12, 2017 ] Saroda village falling under Marh Block hardly 10 Km from heart of proposed smart city Jammu is still in shambles and the people of the area are annoyed with their MLA Sukhnandan Choudhary, despite tall claims did nothing with regard to improve standard of basic amenities in their village. The only road linking the area with rest of city is in shambles since 2015 and residents have tried their best to get it repaired by bringing it into the notice of concerned authorities including local MLA but it seems they have other priorities than providing proper roads to residents and by the way which is only available link to take them to city and back to their village.Pertinent to mention here that Prime Minister of country is determined to develop and provide basic amenities especially to those which remained last priority of earlier regimes. Its true to keep his words Sab Ka Saath Sabka Vikas under various heads his govt provides hundreds of crores of Rupees to state Govt but unfortunately same not used properly and proportionately.Sarora village has having nearly 300 houses surrounded by lush green fields and is a peaceful area. The main occupation of the residents besides farming is having small type’s shops and majority of youngsters are engaged in private jobs. Peace loving residents of the area were vocal in expressing their views towards their MLA to whom they voted with the hope that at least he will develop their village single road and cremation ground and both of them are vital as one is lifeline of economy and other is final journey of lifeline. Prominent resident of the area Ex Capt Darshan Singh who served the nation for years together and even put his life at the disposal of nation feels hopeless and helpless over the negligible development of his area which is the victim of apathy of concerned MLA and authorities who are deaf and dumb towards the grievances of people of area. Worth mentioning here that whenever hue and cry is raised by general public, PHE Department instead of addressing the woes of public resorts to meeting and meetings claiming that issues are being addressed and very soon these grievances will be addressed . However the fact of the matter is all these meetings have been proved futile exercise so far as discussing issues in closed door room and implementing the same are two different things and PHE department had badly failed in implementation part which results in time waste and addition in sufferings of common man. Sarpanch of the village Jagdish Raj questioned construction of water tank adjacent to cremation ground. He asked if the successive Govts having no concern to provide water connection, then for what water tank was constructed. Joginder Singh of the area further raised questions over working of PHE and area MLA, said without water we are unable to perform last rites of the deceased and the govt is making mockery of our religious feelings. Minister PHE and Chief Engineer attention is invited towards the grievances narrated by locals with the hope to ensure at least water at cremation ground water tank which is just 100 meter away from PHE overhead water Tank so that departed soul’s last rites are performed with dignity for that dignity they struggle for their whole life.