If you can’t become star of sky, just become candle of their home

golden yug
[ September 12, 2017 ] Samba: Though PHE Department is criticized for poor drinking water supply and particularly in hot and humid summer season but at the same time what would be the fate of casual employees engaged by department who have not been paid their meagre salaries for forty two months. When people raise hue and cry over irregular supply of water, all the newspapers and news channels put the news on front page and broadcast the news in prime time but these casual workers of PHE Samba Division have been agitating for the last eight days demanding their long pending salary of 42 months but there is normal coverage of their genuine demand. There is well known saying that the bearer knows where the shoe pinches as the concerned Minister and concerned Chief Engineer who have nothing to do with their sufferings can’t understand how they would have managed their livelihood without salary for the last forty two months, How could they had managed pulses , vegetables, milk for children without salaries. It is also unfortunate on part of Govt not to engage all those who had been promised govt job in return for the allotment of land for tube well besides not regularizing the employees who have already completed the dedicated service of more than fifteen years. He demanded framing policy to regularize their services so that hope of regularization can keep them positive to work honestly and dedicatedly. President of All J&K CP Workers Association, Samba Block Ranjeet Singh regretted that our Prime Minister talks of Digital India, Made in India, New India but how a hungry stomach can think of New India when his family faces starvation due to non release of their wages for months together. The coalition Govt in general and BJP in particular owes an explanation that while in opposition they criticized successive Govts to leave casual employees in lurch now they are in power still they are suffering speaks volume that these employees have been forced to lead a miserable life after performing their duties properly and timely. Govt must take serious cognizance of the issue otherwise if they stop their working, then many will find themselves in tight corner besides it is the fundamental right of any worker to get wages for the work he or she does. These casual workers who are already getting meagre wages and that too not even after forty two months which is violation of their fundamental right and also not tolerable in free India.