[ September 12, 2017 ] Notwithstanding there is clear-cut Govt instructions that every Govt employee should be transferred from one place to another place of posting after two to three years but in Irrigation Division -1 Jammu, the head clerk namely Mulakh Raj Choudhary has not been transferred for the last more than four years with a result he openly say that nobody can transfer him because he was the mediator of then head of the department and having patronage of top political leaders of ruling dispensation. During his present tenure in Irrigation Division-1 Jammu, he misused his position time and again. Choudhary along with Almed of the Divisional office namely Lal Man received the revenue from the farmers on account of Abaina and issued duplicate GR to the farmers during the year 2013-14, 2014-15 and kept amount near about Rs 5 lacs to 6 lacs in their pockets. They also issued number of NOC to the applicants without taking proper report from the concerned Zilladar (Muthi) Jammu during the year 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 and took Rs 50000 to 1 lac from the owners for per NOC and allow them to encroach the irrigation land with the result number of illegal structures were raised on Irrigation land. Mulakh Raj Choudhary has constructed the house near Kamala Palace, Bharat Nagar where the D-7E of Irrigation Division passing nearby his house and he encroached the land of irrigation department more than 3-4 marlas but during the year 2015-16 he misused his powers and asked Almed (Girdawar) Mr Lal Man to change the old Musabi/drawing/lattha and other relevant records pertaining to revenue of the D-7E immediately during tenure of Executive Engineer Anil Sharma who at present has been attached with Tube well Irrigation Division. Accordingly Lal Man Almed of Divisional office follows the order of head clerk and changed the old Musabi/drawing/lattha and other relevant records of D-7E which is a crime. Not only this, now he produced the new changed record to Sewerage department who are ready to construct Pacca nallah in front of his house with a result the govt work delayed for near about one year. In spite of the hundreds of complaints licking dust in files of farmers and general public regarding irregular supply of water both for farming and drinking water facilities, PHE and Irrigation department has always remained callous towards the grievances of farming community and general public. However the department is adept in promoting the employees from one grade to another at its own without following any rule and regulations and ignoring the basic codal formalities. In one such incident Lal Man who joined the department as Orderly in Irrigation Division No. 1 was first of all allowed to work as an electrician vide this office No2374-75 dated 10-05-2000 in view of certificate issued in respect of practical test in electrician trade vide Principal, Industrial Training Institute Jammu vide No. 3013 dated 9-3-1998 was promoted as electrician in the grade of 3050-4910 against the available post in Irrigation Division No. 1 Jammu. The order in this regard was issued in the light of instructions contained in SRO 52 OF 06-02-1990. Now Lal Man is working as electrician in the pay scale of 5200-20200 plus grade pay 2400. Later Lal Man vide Order No 9500-02 dated 11-02-14 was directed to look after the work of Almed temporarily in addition to his own duty. However under rule technical person should stick to his cadre with regard to performing his duty and his assigning extra duty which is no way any match to his technical grade was absolutely wrong on part of department. However there are sanctioned 19 posts of Patwaris in the Ziladar Office in the irrigation Division first, out of which 8 are regular and 5 are on contractual basis in the pay scale of Rs 9840 per month and six of them were engaged at Rs 4500 per month without following any codal formality. Contractual Patwaris include Surinder Kumar engaged in 17-07-2009, Rajinder Singh, 19-09-2009, Mohd Nayaz, 16-07-2009, Jagdish Raj, 18-07-2009, Sanjiv Kumar, 26-07-2009, Surinder Kumar (i/c patwari halqa 7A). Need based Patwaris include Vijay Kumar engaged in 4-11-2011, Hakikat Singh, 1-1- 2007, Jasdev Singh, 17-10-2007, Satpal Singh 9-9-2005, Subash Chander Sharma, 13-06-2003, Subash Chander 23-03-20-05. Coming back to Lal Man’s changing grade from orderly to electrician, simple certificate of practical knowledge by Principal was aimed to give undue favour to Lal Man as engaging a person merely on the basis of simple certificate is gross injustice with the hundreds of ITI qualified candidates as it demoralize all of them and not only this in absence of jobs already and particularly this kind of selection will discourage all those also who wish to undergo technical training with a hope to earn their livelihood. Besides, the department has also engaged 55 casual workers in addition to the sanctioned posts at Rs 4500 per month. Despite the ban on any further engagement of casual workers in any of the departments after Court’s direction, the department ignoring the direction engaged 5 casual workers which speak of aristocracy of the department. Moreover as per the seniority list circulated by the Chief Engineer, Irrigation and flood department Jammu issued under No. IFCJ/Estab/6586-6617 dated 14-07-2014, date of birth of head clerk Mulakh Raj Choudhary stands as 31-12-1959 and first appointment is as on 05-08-1978 and promoted as head assistant in 20-11-2013 and till date he is continuing on the same post and same place. He got job within seven month of his attaining age from minor to mature his record of submitting date of birth is doubtful. Besides the house constructed by Mulakh Raj on land belonging to irrigation department of defunct distributaries 7E at Bharat Nagar has been encroached by him as he has occupied considerable portion of irrigation land but no action has been taken against him despite several complaints against him. Sources claimed that this head assistant is so powerful in the department that nobody dares speaking against him so it is imperative that department should go for enquiry against him so that land encroached by him can be retrieved. And complaint regarding issuance of duplicate receipts be submitted to Vigilance Commission for appropriate action beside recovering govt money from his salary. In addition to this it has also come to fore that more than 40 persons have encroached the irrigation department’s land a part of 7E distributaries both sides from intake point to Poonch House, Patta Bohri road Talab Tillo Jammu. Despite all this neither Govt nor department has taken any interest in taking cognizance of blunders in the department.