Monitoring Committee constituted to control population of stray animals

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[ September 15, 2017 ] In pursuance to the Supreme Court"s order dated 18.11.2015, passed in SLP (Civil) No.691/2009 titled Animal Welfare Board of India etc. V/s People for Elimination of Stray Troubles and ors., and in light of Rules 4 & 5 of the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, sanction is hereby accorded to the constitution of a State Level Implementation and Monitoring Committee, comprising the following, to control the population of stray animals (dogs):-Administrative Secretary, Housing & Urban Development Department. Chairman,Representative of Finance Department (not below the rank of Additional Secretary), Member, Representative of Animal/Sheep Husbandry Department (not below the rank of Additional Secretary), Member, Director, Animal Husbandry, Jammu/Kashmir. Member,Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation/Srinagar Municipal Corporation. Member,Director, Urban Local Bodies, Jammu/Srinagar, Member,Representative of the Animal Welfare Board of India (to be nominated by the concerned Ministry). Member,Representative of the J&K State Animal Welfare Board (to be nominated by the concerned Department),Member,Two persons actively involved in Animal Welfare (to be nominated by the Minister In-charge, Housing & Urban Development, J&K), Member.The terms of reference of the State level Implementation and Monitoring Committee shall be to:-Issue guidelines to grip, carry from one place to another, arrange living place, sterilization and treatment of Stray Animals and, afterwards, free them;Hand over the sick and seriously wounded stray dogs to the veterinary doctors in a painless method by using Sodium Pentathol; make the public aware and motivate them for mutual cooperation and financial help;provide guidelines, from time to time, to the owners of pet dogs and people who are linked with the reproduction of dogs;conduct survey for the numbers of stray dog through an independent Agency;take steps to o bserve the reasons for stray-dogf bites and find out that bite-happening is related to the pet dog or stray dog;keep an eye on the research on the effective methods in the field of control and management, inoculation and sterilization and related researches at national and International levels, effective methods of inoculation; and publicize the activities of the Committee through announcements and advertisements.The Committee shall be serviced by the Housing & Urban Development Department.