India moving ahead with Bullet Trains, JMC cutting short size of Dustbins

golden yug
[ September 15, 2017 ] Though people of city of temples have every right to have their own city developed as smart city but they are not versed with the fact that parameters required for claiming to have smart city infect a far reaching distant reality. Though Swacch Bharat Abhiyan was launched nearly three years back with much fanfare and here in the state BJP top brass including govt offices, NGOs however restrict it to mere photo session by holding brooms in hands but not actually showing any commitment to keep Jammu city neat and clean. Its true rather obligatory on the part of JMC to keep Jammu neat and clean, surprisingly it has no garbage management Policy showing how much it is contributing to the claim of having Jammu as smart city by sitting ideally in their offices and boosting of taking steps towards achieving the goal of Clean Jammu and Green Jammu. To continue their interest of Photo session in the name of collecting garbage from few areas falling under its jurisdiction, today few dustbins were distributed by health officers as noticed on TV which are smaller than the earlier ones. The list of JMC failures is too long and cause of its is its visionless Bosses who have no time to ensure Jammuites too have reasons to feel proud when their city gets mentioned for its uniqueness and appreciation for its street furniture, let’s say having all functional basic amenities as per universal norms. Activist Vikram Singh of Talab Tillo area cursed JMC for making city of temples a dustbin. He said safaikaramcharis rarely visits his area and garbage carrying vehicles on alternative day collect garbage making inhabitants of area to live in polluted air and under the threat break down of any epidemic. People of Jammu have started realizing that present BJP-PDP coalition Govt has one common agenda that is too loot taxpayer money on one pretext or the another. To name a few known as multi crores scam which took place in tenure of present regime despite lot of hue and cry by Jammuites, administration of Jammu and very own people of Jammuites have shown no concern and instead of taking any action against the violators and delinquent officials were found making mockery of powers which they are enjoying just because of those people who have been left in lurch by their elected leaders. JMC accepts its failure to protect its own rules framed but has shown no interest to act against building Mafia who by showing thumb to JMC has constructed commercial buildings on residential plots.