CM intervention can safeguard Advertisement Policy 2016 provisions

R.s jamwal
[ September 17, 2017 ] Getting registration certificate in India for printing of newspaper may be an uphill task. But there is no mention and not mandatory to know whether the person applying for the same is from the journalist fraternity, whether the person asking for the permission to print and edit a newspaper is qualified and there are numerous cases printers publishers and editors instead of highlighting local issues have opted for international issues in which local folks are least interested and few started publication of newspapers to enjoy status enjoyed by genuine journalists who gave their lives for promotion of fair journalism. DIPR is the agency to monitor news items as well as content and standard of newspapers and have to ensure whether having any substance, it’s a unwritten law local newspapers must promote Govt working, its developmental works and raise voice of those promoting communal harmony working for welfare of one and all defending provisions of constitution and working within parameters laid down in the constitution of country. DIPR on 26-6-2015 constituted a committee with a sole aim to empanel newspapers for Govt advertisements. Worth mentioning here Govt headed by CM Mehbooba Mufti is determined to safeguard and promote genuine newspapers publications and now onus lies with Information Minister and he owes an explanation how during his tenure newspapers violating provisions of state advertisement policy 2016 got empanelled, worth mentioning here in the policy it is stated, the print matter and photographs must be legible, neat and clear and without smudges, overwriting and tempering. Further it is stated there should be no repetition of news items or articles from other issues and no production of news items or articles from other news papers. The most important necessity is all the publications must essentially carry an editorial of its own but unfortunately none is interested in DIPR to check and take appropriate action against those repeatedly working against the rule book of said department. Ethics demands concerned Minister Information should ensure that director information be asked to prepare a list of such newspapers violating ibid mentioned norms of advertisement policy 2016 along with ATR of the same. Surprisingly there is a provision in Govt advertisement policy under the head de-empanelment /suspension of news papers /magazines, and negligence on part of this committee is a cause of loss of Govt exchequer as well as raising unpleasant questions about functioning of present Govt, where as govt is determined to eradicate corruption but DIPR officials with vested interests are unable to safeguard provisions of its very own policy for which they are paid for. In the interest of justice and transparency, the need of the hour is sooner or later DIPR have to act and have to use power vested under section 6(1) to 6(3) and 6 (6) to take stern action against those making the profession of journalism questionable.