CJ conducts first E-Court proceedings

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[ September 23, 2017 ] Jammu: The first ever proceedings of e-court were conducted today in High Court of J&K at Srinagar Wing. The proceedings were conducted by Division Bench comprising Chief Justice Baddar Durrez Ahmed and Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey. In the history of the J&K judiciary, for the first time, voluminous paper files running into thousands of pages were substituted by digital files stored inmicro chips.It is worthwhile to mention that the first ever e-Court was inaugurated on 21st of September 2017 by Chief Justice of J&K. Justice Bader Durrez Ahmed in Srinagar Wing of the High Court. Justice Ramalingam Sudhakar, Justice Mohammad Yaqoob Mir. Justice Alok Aradhc. Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey and Justice M.K Hanjura were also present.In his inaugural speech Justice Alok Aradhe had gi ven an overview of various ICT related activities which have been initiated in the High Court. Justice Alok Aradhc had informed the participants that 3.25 crore of pages are in process to be digitized.Chief Justice Badder Durrez Ahmed, on the occasion, had stressed on the importance of starting paperless courts in the State. In his speech, the Chief Justice had stated that digitization shall ensure more efficient, speedy and quality Justice to the litigants and at the same time, chances of loss of record by natural disasters will be reduced and movement of files and their tracking will becoming much easier with minimal human intervention. The Chief Justice on the occasion had also given live demonstration of e-Court services app and as to how e-court will work.Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey, while speaking in the inaugural function, had also made mention of various challenges being faced in fully implementing the ICT in the High Court and in the Subordinate Courts including that of lack of permanent technical manpower, connectivity in the Jails for utilizing Video Conference facility between Courts and Jails and amendment in Civil, Criminal and other laws.E-Court Project is one of the mission mode projects of Central Govt, of India with a vision to transform the Indian Judiciary by ICT enablement of Courts to make justice delivery system affordable and cost-effective. The objective of the e-Courts project is to provide designated services to litigants, lawyers and the judiciary by universal computerization of all the courts in the country with broad objective of Computerization of courts, legal service authority offices and state Judicial Academies with strengthened hardware, Connecting all the Courts in the country to the National Judicial Data Grid, providing citizen centric facilities such as Centralized filling Centers and touch screen based kiosks, creating a robust Court management system through digitization, document management. Judicial knowledge management and learning management and to enhance ICT enablement through e-filling, e-Payment and use of mobile application.