Pay of 21 Govt employees of Sub Division Thathri found absent on duty stopped

golden yug
[ September 26, 2017 ] During the surprise inspection and checking of the Offices of the Sub Division Thathri on 23-09-2017, the following officials of the different departments were found absent from duty. Shockingly the absence period in case of some of the officials goes back w.e.f 1 May 2017. Therefore, the pay of said absent employees is hereby stopped with immediate effect. The detail of the absence period as found from attendance register made available to the undersigned on the spot is indicated against each. Teachers whose pay stopped include Tariq Hussain, ZuIafkar Ali Jaffer, Hussain Zakir Hussain, Yassar Rashid, Tanveer Ahmed, Barham Rattan, Mohan Lal, Zahoor Ahmad,Rajinder Singh, PET,Sat Raj, lrfan Ahmad, Jaswant Raj J/Asstt TSW Office Thathri, Surjeet Singh J/A CDPO Office Thathri, Smt Shunkuntla Devi Supervisor, Smt Santosh Kumari, Smt Yogecta Thakur, SmtCharanjeet Kour, Smt Kekhu, Smt Shib Devi all supervisors TO Thathri .Mr. Surcsh Kumar Nagiyal, Tehsildar Phagsoo will conduct the enquiry in detail and submit his report/recommendations to this office within two weeks time positively.