VOJ caught red handed VLW for taking bribe of Rs 10,000

golden yug
[ September 27, 2017 ] On the basis of written complaint lodged by Irfan Mirza S/o Mirza Jahangir R/o village Bhattian Block Plangarh tehsil Thannamandi, district Rajouri, alleging therein that he has been allotted work regarding construction of water tank for an amount of 2.50 lacs under MLC Constituency Development Fund at village Bhattian Block Plangarh . The complainant has completed the said work and approached the concerned officials i.e, Mohd. Farooq incharge VLW posted in said Panchayat and Ahmed Khan JE posted in REW wing for release of his due payment. However both of them demanded a bribe of Rs.60,000 as their commission for processing of bills etc and before release of his payment. The complainant further stated that under compulsion, he has already paid Rs. 10,000/- as bribe to Mohd Farooq but the above said officials are compelling him to pay the remaining amount also. As a result, the complainant has again agreed to pay another Rs. 10,000/- as bribe to Mohd Farooq Incharge VLW for completion of required formalities etc. The complainant appeared in vigilance organization alongwith written complaint against the above mentioned officials and requested for appropriate legal action into the matter. On receiving the complaint, a trap team was constituted headed by Dy.SP Girdhari Lal who alongwith other officers/officials of vigilance department and independent witnesses arrested Mohd. Farooq Incharge VLW red handed taking a bribe of Rs.10,000/- from the complainant at Block Plangarh Tehsil Thanamandi District Rajouri. A case FIR No.37/ 2017 dated. 26/09/2017 P/S VOJ has been registered in Vigilance Organization, Jammu under section 5(1) (d) r/w 5(2) J&K P.C. Act Samvat 2006 and Sec 4-A of the amended PC Act against the above mentioned accused public servants. The accused has been arrested and further investigations are going on into the case.