JMC lacks any policy in allotting Govt accommodation to Govt/Pvt /Retd employees

golden yug
[ September 27, 2017 ] At a time when state coalition Govt claims running short of funds to manage affairs of Govt and with hardships managing issues of govt employees be it their salaries, accommodation and their other issues besides facing tough time in making new recruitments in absence of free flow of funds other than from Central Govt which either gets lapsed or misused. Everyone is very much familiar with the helplessness of govt with regard to providing govt accommodation to govt employees whenever Secretariat is moved to Jammu and worth crores spent to provide private accommodation to them because Govt accommodation is being occupied by sycophants and politicians whose tenure has already ended up since years together. Following the footprints of Govt, Jammu Municipal Corporation is doing the same and actually lacks any policy to provide its accommodation on merits and providing it first come first pattern causing serious loss to Govt exchequer as the accommodation without purpose given to blue eyed persons deprives genuine deserving persons of Govt accommodation which is their right also. Jammu Municipal Corporation has wide range of accommodations in city and its adjoining areas where accommodation provided to employees during their tenure have not been vacated even after several years of their superannuation making their temporary accommodation into permanent one. One such area is near Shakuntala where occupants have not vacated JMC accommodation for years together. The other unfortunate part is JMC has no concrete policy and system to set monthly rent whose no account is being maintained by JMC. Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) is achieving new heights with every passing day but unfortunately in negative sense as it has been observed that there is no wrong work in world which JMC can’t do and whose examples are already there in public domain but to support officials with residencial accomodation that too in posh area like Gandhi Nagar is too much to bear as Govt which is already running short of accommodation to adjust its VIPs/ officials in govt such a kindness on part of JMC only proves that there is no order of working any of its wing resulting in huge loss to exchequer managing their personal pockets intact. Prominent among those who are occupying Govt accommodation in posh area Gandhi Nagar out of way include Jeet Lal Gupta (Retd Commissioner Secretary, Housing and Urban Department), was provided JMC accommodation at Quarter No. 5 when he was on the post on 8-10-1993 but since then he is occupying the same accommodation even after the five years of Superannuation period. Madan Mohan Khajuria ( Ex PRO to Commissioner JMC) is occupying govt accommodation at Quarter No. 3 even after five years of superannuation. Chain Singh a govt employee occupying Govt accommodation at Quarter No. 1. Kharati Lal doing private job enjoying govt accommodation at Quarter No. 2, Bharat Bhushan a Municipality employee occupying govt accommodation at quarter No.4, Surinder Kumar occupying govt accommodation at quarter No.7 with fixed monthly rent of Rs 200, Narinder Sharma, President of NGO occupying Govt accommodation at quarter No.8, Balbir Singh Driver occupying govt accommodation at Quarter No.9, and last but not the least recently retired Joint Commissioner (Adam) RS Jamwal occupying double storey govt accommodation at quarter No. 10 after the retirement at the monthly rent of Rs 1000. It deserves mentioning here that the said Joint Commissioner however managed the govt accommodation for him one year advance before his retirement on parmanant basis. It is unfortunate to note that a common man struggles for a single personal room during his life period these govt employees and influential persons managing govt accommodations in posh areas even when they have respective personal accommodation at their native places. This is sheer discrimination with all those who should be given priority in allotting govt accommodation especially people from weaker sections of society but unfortunately those who are already well off are being given several unnecessary facilities after their retirement at the cost of genuine and deserving persons. JMC is also having ambiguous transfer policy the example of which is one Arjun Singh S/o Late Prem Singh R/O H. No. 775-C, Sainik Colony Jammu Original Alottee of Govt flat No.2 situated at Main Stop Gandhi Nagar, Jammu transferred the same flat in the name of Kharati Lal S/o Mani Ram R/o Flat No.2 Main Stop Gandhi Nagar, Jammu who had deposited Rs 25,000 as transfer fee in the Jammu Municipal Corporation Chest Vide GR No.6058888 dated 20-5-2014. On September 18 2016, the Supreme Court told the state governments to withhold the pension of the employees who continue to stay in the quarters after their retirement. The court came down heavily on unauthorized occupants of the government bungalows and accommodations and asked the government to employ all methods including arrest, suspension, dismissal from services, and initiate criminal prosecution against the unauthorized occupants of government bungalows to force them to vacate the accommodation. The Apex Court gave the directions to the state governments in no uncertain terms that it lacked guts to go after big fish like politicians and bureaucrats. The court had given directions to the state governments not only to file the response but also act against the offenders. Notwithstanding the rules and regulations and several verdicts for Supreme Courts and High Courts, Govt officials managing permanent Govt residence for them is a matter of serious concern and needs thorough investigation as such examples proves preference to near ones and thumb to deserving ones. In the interests of public such blue eyed officials need to be identified and accordingly should be booked under relevant sections to send a strong message to wrong doers.