PWD allots Bituminious works worth Rs 7 crores without inviting tender

gy correspondent Jammu mar 29
[ March 22, 2017 ] In a live violation of rules, Then PWD Executive Engineer, PWD R&B Division 1st Jammu Mohd Abdullah undertook five different works worth more than 7 crores without inviting tender in public domain which includes Providing and laying of 100mm thick wet mix Macadam, 50mm thick Bituminous Macadam, 25mm thick SDBC and 30mm thick SDBC in stretches on Kullian Khalsa Kortana Khurd road in Km 1st RD 0 to Km 7 RD 1000, Kullian to Badyal Brahmana via Jasore Katyal Badila (Length = 4.00 Kms) and providing and laying of 25mm thick OGPC on Samka Agra Chak road (Length =3.00 Kms) worth 176.33lacs.Providing and laying of 50mm thick Bituminous Macadam, 25mm thick SDBC and 30mm thick SDBC in stretches on Miran Sahib links Kotli Shah Dulla to Katyal Gate, Kotii Shah Dulla to Tanda, Talli Morh to Simbal Camp via Malikpur Sujjadpur, Brij Nagar to Boys Hr. Sec. School, Brij Nagar and TCP Kharian Main road to Electrical Transformer (Length = 5.00 Kms), I.T.I R.S. Pura to Purana Pind Chowk Ward No. 12, Daljeet Singh Chowk to Purana Pind Chowk via Hanuman Mandir, Link road to SDM Office / around Gandhi Park, Hanuman Chowk to Durga Mandir, Durga Mandir and Talli Morh, W No 4 & 5, Hanuman Chowk to Basti, Ravi Dass Mandir to Ward No. 8, Link road to CHC including link road to Doctor"s Quarters, R.S, Pura Banota up to Shani Mandir Gandhi Park to House of Mohinder Singh work worth 148.29 lacs.Providing and laying of 25mm thick SDBC over 50 mm thick Bituminous Macadam on various roads SIDCO Chowk to Bari Brahmana (L- 325 Mtrs double lane), Internal links on Bassi Kalan (L - 250 Mtr) Providing and laying of 30mm thick SDBC on various roads, Bari Brahmana Kartholi road (L - 2.60 Kms), Internal links on Bassi Kalan (L 0.80 Kms), Bishnah to Kunjwanii from Bishnah side (L -1.80 Kms), Bishnah to Kunjwani from Kunjwani side (L - 2 Kms) worth Rs 131.17 lacs, Providing and laying of 250mm thick Wet Mix Macadam, 50mm thick Bituminous Macadam and 25mm thick SDBC on CDA road (Length = 750 Mtrs) and 30 mm thick SDBC on Jeevan Nagar Murallian road in Km 1st (Length - 560 Mtrs) Providing and laying of 30mm thick SDBC on road from Satwari Airport (Length = 425 Mtrs)Providing and laying of 50mm thick Bituminous Macadam and SDBC on road from Irrigation Bund to Khandwal (Length = 2000 Mtrs) Providing and laying of 50mm thick Bituminous Macadam and SDBC on road from Hakkal to Hakkal Ashram (Length - 650 Mtrs) worth Rs 127.48 Providing and laying 30mm thick SDBC on bad stretches roads in Channi Himmat (Length-7,00 Kms) Masjid Mohalla Channi Rama and roads from NH-IA Bahu Rotary via Bahu Fort Temple including link to Shahbad colony (L-3 .00 Km) worth Rs 113.40 issued under Short –E-NIT No. CD-1/68 of 2015-16 dated 2-7-2015. However not only this Then Superintending Engineer PWD(R&B) Jammu-Kathua Circle Jammu SP Manhas did not take any cue of this and in other words allowed this to happen closing his eyes for the reasons well known to him as by not inviting tenders for the works of such magnitude speaks volumes about the objectives behind the move which is crystal clear to get benefitted and also to benefit others without least caring about the fact that this was public money and they were accountable and responsible to ensure the proper utilization of funds but they did contrary to their duties and caused huge loss to exchequer besides sacrificing the quality of works also. As per the information available, the above tender never reached Information department for the wide publicity of tender so that the interested could bid as per their knowledge and efficiency of work which is mandatory as any tender from any of the department should send their departmental tenders to Information department to ensure the proper record and transparency in spending of public money for the desirable results in favour of general public. It deserves mentioning here that when there is rule that that any work exceeding Rs 1 lac will be done through-tendering but why this 7 Crores worth work was undertaken by PWD at its own without publishing the work in public domain. Now the question is Does this department not fall in rule book jurisdiction or it is supernatural that it can do anything willfully without showing accountability towards the public and the Govt. Now the point here is when the tender was not floated, how contractors were approached and under what rule and parameters the work was allotted to them and most importantly what was the need to go through this type of procedure when well established system is in place to maintain transparency and accountability is already there in public domain. This type of undertaking of work definitely raises question mark over the working of department and it will be in interest of public whose tax payer money is at stake to go for a thorough investigation so that the motive behind this could be made public as it has seriously caused loss to exchequer as had this work been allotted through proper tendering, it could have saved more than crore which could have added in exchequer. Moreover as per the documents available, the e-tendering process was started some two months prior to dispatch after two months which proves and exposed wrong doings of highest level and which also a matter of protecting the image of department which has been in the market for bad reasons. It is result of shielding of corrupt officials and also not only these officials have been given choice postings to further encourage and raise their morale to keep on executing their nefarious designs for the luxurious life of their family only and perhaps this is the reason why this department is getting bad name on daily basis.