Nefarious design behind Pak’s handshake as BSF detects another tunnel

golden yug
[ October 01, 2017 ] Jammu: Once again the nefarious design of Pakistan Rangers behind friendly hand shake and call at highest level for Cease Fire has been foiled by alert troops of BSF in Arnia Sector which has faced heavy cross border firing and shelling from Pakistan from 13-17 Sept 2017. On 30 sept 17i.e just after a day when Pak Rangers held a Sector Commander level meeting with BSF in their area opposite BOP Octroi on International Border, to resolve issue of Cross Border Firing and various issues pertaining to border management amicably, alert troops of 62 Bn BSF have detected a uncompleted tunnel in Arnia sector.Regular inputs regarding movement of ANEs across the border, and suspected militant activities in festive season to inflict a blow on peace and tranquillity in Jammu region, have kept, BSF the sentinel of Indian Borders on highest alert. To clear the area ahead of fence for any nefarious design search of complete area ahead of fence was being carried out all along International Border. Today while carrying out search in area ahead of B S Fence, BSF party observed suspicious movement of around 10-12 armed Pak nationals on the bank of Dhamala nulla in Pak side. BSF party taking all risk in thick jungle area having number of blind mortar bombs fired from Pakistan reached close to the area to know the nefarious design. On observing strong BSF party close by, Pak nationals ran away from the spot leaving their huge stores. Suspecting the activity, BSF launched detail search in area and found an unfinished tunnel of around 12-14 feet length, appx 3 feet height and 2 ½ feet width on the slop of bank of Indian side of Dhamalla nulla ahead of BS Fence. This is the second tunnel in 2017. Earlier a tunnel was detected on 13 Feb 2017 in Ramgarh Sector. On further search of area following items were recovered from nearby the site of tunnel .2 AK 47 Magzine, Hand Grenade, 60 7.62 AMN, Magazine Pouch, 13 Duracell , 9 Pencil cell , 3 Head lamps , Compass US made,3 Haver Sac, 3 Jungle hat , 4 Sleeping bag , 4 Waterproof rain coat,3 Shawal , Gas Cylinder Stove,6 Digging tools , 6 Wooden Planks, 2 Kg Apple, 5 Kg Poly bag with homemade eatable, Chicken Spread pkt, Mixture, Chapatties, Poly Sheet White, Rope, Measuring tape, Full Plate , Cuury to eat , T- Shirt, Sports shoes , Knife/Khukhri.The digging tools, fresh dug earth and length of tunnel indicates that the tunnelling has started very recently in 2-3 days back, with an intent to infiltrate strong group of terrorists. Once again the intent of Pak Rangers to push in ANEs has been exposed. The alertness of BSF and foiling of at least 04 tunnelling activities on IB in period of last one year, effective retaliation of cross border firing speaks alertness, commitments and professionalism of BSF in guarding and management of Borders.