Dy CM’s order cancelling commercial sites on strips of Nallah partially implemented

golden yug
[ October 03, 2017 ] Influential’s get choice commercial sites, locals shown thumb by JKHB Notwithstanding the fact that every Govt always claims that all its policies and programmes aimed at their welfare of poor people but it has always been observed that rules are for fools only and influential’s always given edge over poor and marginalized. Both JMC & Jammu & Kashmir Housing Board (JKHB) are well known for giving preference to powerful by ignoring and deliberately forgetting set norms and codal formalities by getting benefitted by them by other means. Violations in Channi Himmat Colony Jammu, Sector 1-7 area are rampant where in constructions of several of residential houses several violations were observed and even several residential plots were converted into commercial under the patronage of both JMC & JKHB. In one such example, there was big size nallah starting from Sector-1 near Ritz Hotel and covering area of Sector Extension-1 going downwards and covering comprehensively Sector -2 & Sector-3. However in 2014-15 ERA undertook rehabilitation and channelization of storm water Drains at Digiana, Gangyal, Ashram, Thanger (T4) and tributary of Tahanger (TT4) areas in Channi Himmat Housing Colony Jammu city. Consequent upon this considerable size strip was left after making the nallah concrete and JKHB immediately thought of making money and following which it went for auctioning the left out piece of land for commercial shops. Accordingly JKHB allotted 56 sites having different sizes costing ranking from Rs 9 lacs to 64 lacs making it total of Rs 13 crores and in a way providing golden opportunity to black money holders to convert it into white by not seeking PAN number while receiving money for different sites. This particular step of auctioning strip of Nallah by JKHB was gravely protested by locals who were demanding a public park on the pattern of Green Belt Park on the left out space as the space was not specified in Master Plan of Colony which came into existence in 1980 when formally area started taking shape of colony and under rule it was not under the jurisdiction of JKHB to alter it on its own besides as per the Master Plan the piece of land in question was attributed to Nallah. Under pressure Dy CM who was holding the department of housing and urban development cancelled the proceedings of JKHB on 27-6-2015 and all those who had deposited money for these commercial sites were returned their money after one year of depositing money. Now surprisingly at sites in front of main road at plot Nos. 367, 368, 369, 370 in Sector-1 and onwards from Plot 384-C to its downward journey towards Thanger Pully commercial shops have been raised on the strip of nallah despite the facts these plots find no mention of allotment orders in any body’s favour in official record of Housing Board whereas these sites and including ibid stated sites were stayed by Dy CM . Famous Sagar Nursery among others are openly running business there making people cry for none of their fault. Now once again anger brewing among local residents as how permission was granted for raising shops in the residential area of Housing Colony Channi Himmat Jammu. It deserves mentioning here that JKHB despite flat no from concerned Minister and Dy CM Nirmal Singh allowed commercial shops and residential house by extending help to owners in lieu of huge kickbacks. Besides JKHB cutting short land fixed for Matador stand turned into commercial plot measuring 3900 Sqft and allotted to Sandeep Gupta S/o ND Gupta for Rs 1,070,7,707. As a result of this, now Matadors are being parked on road side covering considerable space of road and causing serious problems for smooth regulation of traffic. Besides playing fields which are important components of every modern society as these are vital for all especially for children and old aged persons so that they can spare some time for sports and spent their quality time to relax their bodies. But unfortunately the creator of Mater Plan for Channi Himmat Govt residential colony did not think it a necessity to playing fields in the colony which is both strange and unfortunate to deprive colony of this vital component. Moreover there is no Higher Secondary School in the colony as the space kept for school was sold by Board besides despite the fact that prominent citizens reside in this colony, there is no dispensary for first aid which speaks volume that Board has not done its work properly and in line with parameters sets for any modern day colony. It is unfortunate to note that that BJP which was voted to first time power in state has so far remained mute spectator towards these open violations and resentment is brewing among locals over inaction of concerned Minister and Dy CM from BJP Quota. As efforts have been made to alter the Master Plan of Channi Himmat Housing Colony, there is an urgent need to conduct Vigilance enquiry so that those behind it can be brought to book and in near future no one can dare to play with sentiments of people who have constructed their housed with their hard earned money.